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Texas Governor Stands Against Anti-theist War on Christmas

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The idea of a Nativity scene in the public square, especially on government property, is repugnant to some in America. They feel as though Christianity is being shoved down their throats. They feel that they should have the right to walk down the street and not have to look at these displays. But, this leads to what I have pointed out before and that is these people think like little children.

And like children, they lash out at those who do not agree with them. They call names and act out to get their way. As these grown children have found out, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. This has proven true in hundreds of cases for Freedom From Religion Foundation, who have bullied hundreds, if not thousands, of cities. But the tide is beginning to turn against them.

Breitbart reports:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent a letter demanding that a tasteless nativity from a nontheistic foundation be removed immediately from the Texas Capitol building.

Governor Abbott pinned the letter to John Sneed, the Executive Director of the State Preservation Board that charges that a Freedom From Religion Foundation nativity is a “juvenile parody [that] violates the Preservation Board’s regulations and should be removed immediately.”

FFRF had placed the faux nativity in an effort to degrade and reticule the Christian displays. And this is nothing new for this group. Though they are not as tasteless as some, they have shown themselves to be at war with Christianity. But, things are changing and especially in Texas.

In a similar case in the town of Orange Texas, groups have rallied to support the small town to fight the FFRF bully.

The Christian Post reports:

Along with Alliance Defending Freedom, others have also called on the city to keep the Nativity display, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Governor Abbott said in a statement that “as the U.S. Supreme Court has continually held, public acknowledgement of our religious heritage is entirely consistent with the Constitution. The Constitution commands accommodation of religion rather than hostility towards it.”

“I strongly encourage the city of Orange to stand up to the demands of a select few who wish to see God thrown out of the public square, embrace the season of Christmas and restore the Nativity Scene immediately,” Abbott added.

Such incidents should prove to encourage us, especially those who will face these bullies in the future. When faced with a childish bully, one has to stand. Even if you take your lumps, you have to stand up to those who would steal your freedom. We need to understand the consequences that are at stake.

It is the religious man that has stood for liberty. Never do we see atheists standing for principles of personal liberty. Never do we see the faithless man freeing his fellow man.  But the Christian knows that liberty is a gift and he cherishes it and will defend the liberty of others. This group is nothing more than a link in the chain of our bondage. If they can drive our faith from the public square, they can destroy all hope outside of the State. We, like Abbott, have to stand against this tyranny.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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