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The 18 Trillion Dollar Debt, the Biggest Heist on American Citizens in History

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Article first appeared at Freedom Outpost by Tony Elliot

At the end of Obama’s second term, it is estimated the national debt will be 20 trillion dollars. Most of this money has gone to frivolous spending by the Federal government, as well as been stolen by various government officials, using the excuse that astronomical sums of money are missing. 

In the computer age, it would be impossible to lose a trillion dollars, unless it was purposely lost to cover the theft of it.

In looking at the numbers, we find that most of the 20 trillion debt is accountable in lost funds.

Since 9-11, the US has spent 6 trillion dollars on the war on terrorism. When everything is taken into account, we find massive frivolous spending. From various wars that have accomplished nothing to a massive increase in security measures that, for the most part, only scrutinize American citizens, not international terrorist groups.

The day before the events of 9-11, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon essentially lost 2.3 trillion dollars.

On February 28, 2011, Congressman Alan Grayson posted news of 9 trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserve.

Obama, Geithner and the missing six trillion dollars.

2003, Pentagon missing 1 trillion dollars.

Almost 2 billion dollars of gold bullion missing from storage vaults under WTC after 9-11.

8000 tons of gold missing from Fort Knox.

The 8000 tons of gold broken down into ounces comes out to about 256 billion dollars.

Money wasted on climate change lie since 1993 to now amounts to close to 200 billion dollars.

The Affordable Care Act has already cost the country over 250 billion dollars, even with the outrageous rates and taxes associated with it. By 2025, it is estimated the total cost of Obamacare to be around 1.3 trillion dollars.

No matter how you look at it, the US has such an astronomically high National debt of around 19 trillion dollars admitted.

Currently, adding the trillions simply missing and the trillions wasted by the Federal government on frivolous spending, we have a sum of over 24 trillion dollars. In taking only the missing trillions into consideration we have just over 18 trillion dollars, almost exactly the same as the admitted current National debt of 18 trillion. Thus, what we have here is a case of our so-called elected officials massively ripping us off while wasting our money at the same time.

The heist our government officials in Washington have pulled off on the American people is treasonous. With this in mind, one can see how most politicians will vote against the will of their constituents in favor of the socialist agenda because some of the missing trillions are being used as bribes.

The National debt is the biggest heist perpetrated on the American people in history, and by their own government.

The Washington Standard

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