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The COVID Failure Force’s Failure

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The last year has been amazing. We are approaching the one year date for the COVID meltdown and I am wondering what we are going to do for our anniversary. There were times in my life when things got tuff and someone would say, “Well, it can’t get any worse.” Then there were times when people like my Dad would say, “Could be worse.” Those two statements seem to sum up America today.

My Democrat friends tell me whoever the Republican guy at the time is, the Democrat guy “can’t be any worse” and then my Republican friends tell me the Democrat guy, not only “could be worse,” but they claim the Democrat guys are always worse.

I would ask, “Is that any way to run a country?” However, it seems I am wasting my time to ask that. We all know it is not. America’s government has not been functioning for a long time. Watching America is like watching an alcoholic drink themselves to death. Either they drive drunk and kill themselves and, unfortunately, sometimes someone else, or their liver gives out and they die. There have been times when I have told a drunk, “You will quit, the only question is how; by choosing to quit or letting your drinking kill you.”

I had hoped the American people would not have let the Democrats or Republicans kill the country, but that does not seem to be the situation. As I have previously written, COVID is not our problem. Our response to COVID is a symptom of a bigger problem. Locking down businesses for COVID is the government’s version of driving drunk. I keep telling them not to do it, but they do not listen. This is not a Democrat or Republican thing because there are Republican governors that are just as bad as the Democrat governors. The problem is when their actions run the country into the bridge, they will blame hitting the bridge on everything but their actions.  They are just like many drunks have gone to their grave blaming their demise on everything but their drinking that caused their death.

Look at Washington DC.  Is there a politician anywhere that will admit their mistakes? Our government is so messed up that they claim the people complaining about their mistakes are the problem. Even conservative radio is making this mistake. They keep saying people should not riot, but then they do not have any solutions to what the people are complaining about. Your government will not listen to you but do not make the government listen. Well, even if people do not force the government to listen, that is like the drunk’s liver giving out.  Either way, they are dead.

Either our government stops causing the problems they are causing, or the country dies. Look at the national debt. That is not proof of success. The debt is out of control and then they make the debt worse by paying people for the government not letting them work. That is people who cannot see reality.

This is the problem with people that worship force. They think force is the answer to everything. When the COVID situation started, they claimed force was the answer and they locked the country down. Instead of focusing on treatments and making the damage as little as possible, our government focused on forcing the people to do what they wanted. Now, they are claiming taking the vaccine is the answer, but the reality is the vaccine is their attempt to force us not to get sick. They are the ones that are sick. They are sick in the head.

Look at China. They are having problems with their soldiers obeying them. Instead of asking if the orders they are giving are the problem, they are going to start using exploding helmets. The power junkies think threatening their own soldiers with death is the answer to their problem. The Chinese government is just as sick as the American government. They both think force is the only answer. Force has constantly failed. If force worked, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union would not have failed. They are both an example of force carried to its extreme.

I chose to build my immune system because I know sickness is a fact of life. We have not been able to force sickness to go away. Vaccines have caused a lot of harm, even if they refuse to admit it. They would not have had Congress exempt vaccine manufacturers from liability if the vaccines were good. All they can do is force you not to use the courts to hold them accountable. They could not force illness to go away. They only make the people they hurt go away.

The COVID meltdown by our government is proof that force is failure. The joke they call the last election was a failure. The only solution is to have people make their own decisions. If our government continues to push the force, people are going to use force on the government. Washington DC and Minneapolis are what people pushing back looks like.

The abusive use of force will stop. It would be better if the country chooses to make it stop. If not, the death of the country will make it stop. The only question now is what kind of government to rebuild with. This one is done.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

The Washington Standard

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