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The Fraudulent Federal Reserve

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I want you to listen to the words of George Orwell:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

We live in a time of universal deceit. Though we are deluged by information, much of the information that reaches us is distorted. It is false.

This is not an accident. Those in government, the media, in education and entertainment have vested interests in spreading lies and suppressing truth. And the most pernicious and effective enemies of the truth are the myths — we might call them the false pretenses — that, although clearly untrue and destructive, nevertheless appeal to the base nature of man. And because they do appeal to the fallen nature of man, we tend to believe them even though they are untrue. AND they thus become the basis for public opinion and public policy.

The Federal Reserve serves as a good example. Americans live under the false assumption — the false premise — that the Federal Reserve is designed for and committed to fostering the health of the American economy through the stabilization of interest rates and the prevention of inflation. The facts are exactly the opposite and these facts are easily discoverable. The Federal Reserve actually causes inflation. One might actually say that the Federal Reserve IS inflation.

The Federal Reserve is a corrupt union of central government and central bankers conspiring in a scheme to manipulate the currency in order to embezzle the productive wealth of America and the American people. The Federal Reserve has been stealing our wealth and eating out our substance for one hundred years now.

It is unconstitutional, that is to say illegal, that is to say, criminal.

The accomplices to this criminal activity include the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States. One might say that all issues in government tie back to the fraudulent and dangerous use of make believe money – fiat money. The only person that speaks of this in a serious way is Dr. Ron Paul of Texas.

Dr. Ron Paul is labeled as a revolutionary, but George Orwell told you that would happen, didn’t he?

The Washington Standard

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