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The Hard Fall of Healthcare – When Will They Hit Rock Bottom?

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As I write this, I am two days away from the Ambulance Service in two of my bordering towns mandating the COVID Shot. That will also be the deadline for many hospitals and healthcare facilities that are also mandating the COVID Shot. I was talking to the Ambulance Manager of the Ambulance Service there about other things and I said: “How are you doing with being short staffed? Have you hired enough people to be fully staffed?” He responded: “No one is fully staffed. Everyone in EMS is understaffed everywhere.” I said: “Okay, I will be talking to you later.”

I did not remind him that my service is now fully staffed. I am well aware of how his service does business, and how they treat their Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. They are one of the largest healthcare companies in the state. They run multiple hospitals, clinics and ambulance services throughout my state. Being that big has its problems. One problem is they think because they are that big, they think know what they are doing. Another problem is they blame the people who do not work for them for the problem of their being short staffed.

When I train in my new Emergency Medical Technicians I tell them: “Don’t get cocky, because EMS has a way of cutting you down to size.” I try to remind myself of this more than them. I also tell them “Don’t feel bad if you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, none of us did. Every situation is different because people are different. Just do the best you can and we are a team. You will grow into it.” When you save a life it is tempting to get big headed, but that comes with a price. When someone dies is it your fault? You can do everything right and the patient still dies, and you can do everything wrong, and the patient still lives. It is the nature of Emergency Medical Services. When I say doing everything wrong, I am not saying to be stupid, stuff goes wrong. People do not crash their cars head on in a perfect way. You are not going to see a 3 year old screaming with a bone sticking out of their arm and say: “Great just like in the textbook.” Things go wrong and you do the best you can.

I was trying to explain this to my neighbor the other day. He made the comment: “If people do not want to get the shot, they should not be allowed to do the job.” I told him: “You do not understand. When I became Chief about a year ago, we were so short staffed we were thinking we were going to have to close the doors.” I explained to him that I have needed to hire 12 people in the last 9 months. None of them were experienced. Many of them had not even been trained as an EMT. I told my neighbor; “When I started recruiting people, I told them, you may not want to do the job, but the community needs you. Even if you do not want to do the job, are willing to do the job? There needs to be an ambulance in this town, even if people do not appreciate you working on it. Thank God 12 people took me up on my offer and we are on our way to teaching them to be EMTs. All of us on the team are glad they joined us.

I also tell them: “Your success is our success, and your failure is our failure. I am going to work with you. We are a team.” Now I understand some people cause their own failure, but if someone is willing to try, we need to help them.

Some may wonder what this has to do with: “The Hard Fall of Healthcare.

When Will They Hit Rock Bottom?” Actually a lot, telling people they have to take the COVID Shot is just part of a bigger problem. Healthcare has lost its way. Just before the COVID lockdown I was at a 2 ½ day conference were one of the topics of discussion was, the 3rd leading cause of death was avoidable medical errors. That is right, our mistakes are killing people. We are a few months away from COVID being a two year problem, and healthcare still does not care if their mistakes are killing people. Now healthcare also does not care if their mistakes hurt their workers. That is a huge problem.

You may know a doctor or nurse who is wonderful, and I do too, but that does not prove the healthcare system is wonderful. Frankly, not only is the healthcare system not wonderful, it is falling hard. Healthcare is in denial and needs to hit rock bottom like an alcoholic needs to hit rock bottom. No matter who the healthcare system hurts, even their own workers, they refuse to take responsibility for the harm healthcare does.

They know healthcare hurts people. That is why they have immunity from the damage vaccines cause people. Think about it. If they gave immunity to alcoholics for the damage they do, would they ever quit drinking? It is only after the alcoholic accepts responsibility for the damage they do, that they quit drinking. Healthcare refuses to admit they are hurting people, even if they hurt their own workers.

That is why many people need to leave the dysfunctional healthcare facilities. The COVID Shot is a good example. If the Shot was really good, it would be obvious. Gold is something valuable people pay money to get gold. Garbage is not valuable people pay money to get rid of garbage. Sometimes people dump garbage to get rid of it and that is illegal. Here we are told the COVID Shot is so valuable, and yet they are paying people take it. Now they are threatening people to make them take the Shot. Have you ever saw anyone threatened to take a large sum of money?

Now doctors and nurses are talking hateful about people who refuse to take the Shot. They say things like: “They do not deserve our resources. We should let them die.” These people are not only wrong but they are also evil. They also are missing a bigger point. Many of healthcare’s resources are not only worthless, they are harmful. Instead of rising to the occasion when COVID started and saying: “We will do what it takes, we will save lives.” Instead the healthcare system has attacked the few doctors and nurses who have saved lives. When they say: “We should let them die” you already did let people die. You already have failed. Your resources are worthless. That is why you need to ban any debate. You cannot handle any scrutiny because you know you are wrong.

Hospitals seem more like prisons than places to receive mercy and care. If all you are going to do is watch me die, and make as much money as you can while you let me die. I might as well die at home in peace with the ones I love. The elderly of this country have been tortured throughout COVID. Talk to an EMT or Nurse and they can tell you nursing homes are terrible, before COVID and even worse after.

What is healthcare’s response to all the carnage they caused? They attack the people who care enough to tell them to stop the harm. No different than the alcoholic who attacks the people who tell them to stop hurting themselves and others. Just as alcoholics cannot hurt people forever, their livers give out and they die, or they die in car wrecks. Healthcare will not be able to hurt people for much longer. We will leave you. Your good healthcare workers and your patients will flee your harm. Just as getting drunk seems fun for a while, until the hurt exposes it for what it is, healthcare’s hurt is exposed for what it is. People who see healthcare’s harm for what it is will flee the people who refuse to stop hurting their patients and healthcare workers.

Many already are.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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