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The Ilhan Omar Circus Continues: More Adultery, More Cash

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Editor’s Note:  I just addressed and documented this and her crimes on my morning radio show, and it’s past time that the Trump administration deals with this criminal element in Congress rather than using it for political gain in Minnesota.

The Ilhan Omar circus continues.

Here’s Gary:


Over $250,000 to a guy she later ended up dating?

I smell another Omar scandal in the making.

Here’s more from PEN:

If you thought Ilhan Omar was bad already because of her hate for Israel and her love for Communism, just wait until you see what she did this week.

Last week Congresswoman Omar, who is married to at least 1 man, was seen on a date with a mysterious new suitor. According to a new article from Daily Mail, the man she has been seeing Democrat strategist Tim Mynett.

To make it more interesting, Ilhan Omar’s campaign paid Mynett’s company, E-Street Group, over $250,000 in consulting fees and travel expenses during her last campaign in 2018.

Ilhan Omar’s campaign staff and her congressional team have refused to answer media inquiries about what exactly E-Street Group does for her campaign if anything.

Read the rest at PEN…


Wow, now she has been possibly caught transferring money to her next husband.

Her brusband is going to be very angry about this.

Here’s some of the Latest from the Ilhan Omar Saga:

After filing for divorce from her current husband, all of America was hoping she’d go back to her brusband (brother/husband):

I don’t often defend Ilhan Omar but its hard to keep the fire burning in a marriage when your significant other prefers to be with other men.

So I can’t blame her for that, but I think for $250,000 she might have been able to find a better future husband than this guy.

This woman needs to be arrested or deported.

We’d be satisfied with either.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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