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The Left’s Dehumanizing Rhetorical Cesspool

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One need not look too far to find an instance of some prominent liberal unleashing a mouthful of profane derision upon someone who has given them offense for one reason or another. These days, this sort of thing has been chiefly reserved for President Donald Trump and members of his family, although practically anyone who runs afoul of leftist orthodoxy is very much considered fair game.

Personally, I don’t have much of a problem with scathing criticism of one’s political opponents, particularly if they are decidedly odious or perennially mouthy individuals. I also find it gratifying that President Trump is the only chief executive in modern times who has the ability and the inclination to dish out in kind what he so often receives from his detractors.

That said, it doesn’t take a dedicated news junkie to make the determination that there has been a rapid deterioration of decorum within our political discourse in recent years. Since Trump took office, those on the political left have certainly taken the proverbial gloves off. To say that civility in political discourse has all but vanished at this point would be an understatement; this realm has become a veritable cesspool, where seething vitriol, a lynch mob mentality and foul expletives are the norm.

Last month, TBS host Samantha Bee slammed Trump’s daughter Ivanka, calling her a “feckless c–t.” This stunned viewers and critics alike, since it occurred during Bee’s on-air monologue. Bee apologized days later, but since monologues on shows like hers are scripted, it’s clear that this was done at least partly for shock value (ratings), as well as the institutional disparagement of all things Trump.

This Sunday, in an ongoing bid to remain relevant, the ungracefully aging comedian Kathy Griffin attacked first lady Melania Trump in a profanity-laced Twitter rant concerning immigration, calling Mrs. Trump a “feckless complicit piece of s–t.”

Apparently, the entertainment media’s pantheon of towering intellectuals only recently discovered the word “feckless” and are rather enamored of it.

During the Tony Awards show last week, renowned actor Robert DeNiro unleashed a profane tirade against President Trump from the stage, earning a standing ovation from the effete elites in the audience. No apology ensued, as far as I am aware.

On Father’s Day, singer John Legend blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan on Twitter in response to a family-oriented video the Wisconsin Republican posted on the social media platform. “Seriously, f–k you,” Legend tweeted. “Reunite the families at the border and we can talk about father’s day.”

The justification du jour has been the offense these paragons of virtue are taking at Trump cracking down on illegal immigration. The left has handily exploited instances of families having been separated as a result of these measures, likening their “plight” to the acts of Hitler’s Gestapo whilst wholly ignoring the fact that illegal immigrants are technically criminals.

I wonder if they’re aware that border guards in many nations will simply shoot you in the back of the head and throw your body in a ditch for attempting to cross their borders illegally, regardless of your age or familial status.

Of course, the wholesale attacks, invective and profanity came about long before Trump’s immigration crackdown, so they really have no justification. And it isn’t merely the profanity that evidences the true colors of prominent libs. A couple of weeks ago, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher admitted that he hopes the American economy will crash so that Trump will be voted out of office. I guess Maher either discounts or is unaware that Barack Obama got a pass for his part in crashing the economy and was re-elected nonetheless.

What’s most noteworthy here is that Maher remained untouched by the economic cataclysm of the Obama years via his high-paying HBO gig and cares not one jot for the millions of Americans who suffered through it. In fact, by his own admission, he’d like to see more.

Some Honorable Mentions in recent weeks included Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey being forced by widespread liberal outrage to apologize for eating at a Chick-fil-A restaurant during “Gay Pride Month,” and Marlon Wayans’ NBC sitcom being used as a platform for bashing black conservatives as “sellouts.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that prominent, politically active liberals have no idea how mean-spirited, vulgar and generally devoid of character they appear to others. In their infinite capacity for self-righteousness, they presume that thinking people think as they do, and that anyone who doesn’t is worthy of being systematically dehumanized.

Still, the reckless abandon with which they pursue personal destruction remains curious and inexplicable. There is apparently no concern on the part of prominent leftists that their merciless, wholesale dehumanization of individuals and large segments of American society might prove more offensive to people at large than Trump is to leftists. After all, far more of us know today than we did 100 years ago that it is precisely this sort of dehumanization that can lead to real persecution.

While these leftists may think that re-education and concentration camps for the likes of Donald Trump, his family and his supporters would be just dandy, I find it strange that they seem to harbor no concern that their shameless and wanton use of the very tactics employed by the murderous socialists of the last century might someday backfire on them in a very disagreeable fashion.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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