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The Real Failures of the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

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By now, most of us have seen the cover of the Daily News, a leftwing publication which pushes a far left, liberal agenda. The particular cover bears the words “God isn’t fixing this.” The cover story, of course, is referring to the latest mass shooting, or rather, Islamist
terror attack
that occurred in San Bernardino, California. The article seems to be mocking those that offer prayers and condolences to the families who lost loved ones, while simultaneously directing a focused rage on those the left believes to be most responsible for mass shootings—gun owners, Republicans, and the NRA.

The left argues that mass shootings take place because gun lobby groups like the NRA and Gun Owners of America make it impossible to pass sensible gun laws. The only problem is that it isn’t a lack of gun control laws causing people to commit mass murder. We all know that these shootings occur where guns are already heavily regulated. California is a perfect example; they have recently enacted the most draconian gun laws in the country. There is something terribly wrong when someone like Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) praises the gun laws of her state after this horrible incident. Thinking people know that an armed individual would have been able to save lives. No, it wasn’t the NRA, Republicans, or gun owners responsible for this; it was the failure of government at all levels and liberal policies that led to the death of those fourteen people.

In 2011, the Obama Administration ordered the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to remove all references of Islamic terrorism from their training manuals. This was done because of threats made by Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. According to Kenneth Timmerman of the Daily Caller, Marayati threatened law enforcement agencies with “discontinued co-operation” if they failed to revise their manuals. He also demanded that agencies establish strict vetting processes when determining who would be writing training manuals and that an apology be issued for material that was deemed offensive and discriminatory. Judicial Watch issued a report concerning this matter in December of 2013. This report makes the claim that the purging of Islamic terrorism references was an operation of “Islamic influence” designed specifically to weaken our constitution. This is not hard to believe as today, organizations like CAIR are playing a civil rights game, acting as if they are the victim.

There is no better example of this than Muslim communities acting as if they fear retaliation for this week’s attack in San Bernardino. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is adding flames to the fire by promising to prosecute anyone who espouses “hateful rhetoric” towards the Muslim community. This strategy seems to fall right in line with the claim by Judicial Watch in their report. This is a direct attack on the Constitution, and the strategy revolves around silencing our criticism of Islam while they are free to attack us at will because law enforcement officers are not trained to view them as “potential terrorists.” The political correctness gripping today’s society has become so volatile that the neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters were afraid to report suspicious activity out of a fear of being called a racist.

Another thing to keep in my mind is the time it takes local responders to arrive to an active shooter situation. Authorities in California were able to respond rather quickly, they arrived on the scene within 5 minutes which in some ways is kind of suspect considering how many agencies responded; however, the average response time for police in emergency situations is 10 minutes. This does not necessarily represent a failure on their part, rather an inability to be able to respond on time. The failure comes from the executive branch’s insistence we look to government to keep us safe. Liberals argue that only police and military should have guns but fail to address this issue. There is no way that government can keep everyone safe. Personal safety is a personal responsibility and in some ways, demanding that police put themselves between you and danger is immoral and selfish. The left does not believe that people are capable of protecting themselves. They believe that we couldn’t survive without them because according to their Marxist/Darwinist views, we are merely another animal that needs to be managed. People are instinct driven and have an inability to self-govern according to the left, and the idea of an armed population frightens them. They give no thoughts whatsoever to the precious seconds an individual has to act in defense of their lives or loved ones. Five minutes may seem like a quick response time; however, it took far less time than that for the San Bernardino shooters to kill fourteen people and calling 911 isn’t a viable option while being raped or while trying to protect your loved ones.

Barrack Obama, as always, is trying to label this incident as anything but Islamic terrorism. In fact, he is trying his hardest to find a way to call this incident work “place violence.” Through the misguided lens of liberalism, the left sees everything as being the fault of American society, and because of this, they fail to hold people accountable as individuals. When the left makes excuses for the actions of deranged murderer’s by blaming American society, they are doing little more than justifying murder and creating more criminals who believe they are entitled. In universities across our nation students are being taught by leftist professors that America is an oppressive society that discriminates against everyone but the privileged white man, and, that the Christian white male has exploited the rest of the world and has unfairly taken what isn’t his. CNN guest Casey Jordan, an alleged criminologist, stated that it was possible the shooters motives were driven because he was offended by a Christmas Party being thrown in the office where he gunned down fourteen people, with guns that were banned in California. This excuse making does little more than enable people to believe that they not only have a right to be offended, but they may act out in violence when they are. It also shows that the left’s real opinion of Muslims is actually quite low if they believe a man would commit murder because he’s offended by the word Christmas. Wouldn’t that make liberals the racist ones?

It’s ironic that the left would accuse God of not being able to fix this when they are the ones who have kicked God out of the country. Let’s not forget that liberals actually booed when the Democrat Party voted to restore God in the party platform. “God” was henceforth, removed. It is also the Democrat Party that acts as if everything Christian is offensive. The left is slowly replacing the Christian religion with moral relativism and humanism. There is no longer any absolute morality in this country and because of this; almost anything can be justified, to one degree or another, under the precepts of multiculturalism. For instance, Army Green Beret Charles Martland was kicked out of the Army after losing an appeal where he was charged with assaulting an Afghanistan Army commander. He had beaten the commander because he was saving a young boy from being raped. The U.S. military has been instructed to not intervene in these rapes because men having sex with young boys is an accepted part of Afghanistan culture. We are seeing this argument being made here in the homosexual movement as well. There are groups in America arguing for the repealing of age of consent laws. Finally, the seeds for this nation were fatally sewn back in 1962 when the Supreme Court ruled that prayer in public schools represented an “established government religion” and violated the alleged wall between church and state. The U.S. Constitution provided no wall between church and state and was written to ensure that people were free to practice religion. The results of this have had obvious ramifications. Teenage pregnancies, drug use, violent crime, low academic performance and a steady destruction of family values have all been on the increase since this time.

No, it isn’t gun advocacy groups, the GOP or gun owners in general that are responsible for the terrorist attack in San Bernardino or other mass shootings. It is the reckless policies of a government whose main priority is creating a society of total equality, while protecting the rights and feelings of certain groups and ignoring others. It is the misguided belief that men need to be controlled and that we can’t be trusted to handle our own affairs. It is the fact that liberals are on a mission to discredit everything great about this country while teaching us that we should be ashamed because we are racist and responsible for everything wrong in the world. It is because Barack Obama makes excuses for the violent behavior of individuals while blaming that behavior on American society because others claim to be offended by our traditions, culture, and heritage. In short, it is the fault of liberalism, plain and simple.

To learn more about the liberal agenda and communist indoctrination check out my book Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.

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