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See One Of The Victims Lauren Handy Picked Up From The Real Shop Of Horrors At Washington Surgi Center (Video)

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I assure you that the following is not for those with a weak stomach. However, since we have been a deaf people when it comes to the murder of the unborn, it is necessary that we tell it to the eyes. Lauren Handy is the woman currently in the news for having five fetuses in her DC home. The following video shows one of those victims.

AJ Hurley provided video evidence of what many never see, a murdered baby labeled as "Special Medical Waste."

Warning: This is both nauseating and heartbreaking.

Hurley also took a photo of the box, as well as video, in which the child's body was sent.

Several people had commented on the video, which is sure to be pulled down by Facebook.

Here are a few of those:

How did you get these people? Very sad😪but thanks for exposing darkness to light

Beyond words. May God grant repentance

Medical waste… oh my heart. 💔

Oh my 😞 so sad. Little image bearer

Horrific! Will they get a burial?

May our Sovereign bring His just wrath lest these heathens repent and bow their need to Christ! ✝️🔥

What a sad sick world we live in where people think this is okay 😡

Hurley also posted the following, "The FBI just arrested several prolife activists for a rescue they did two years ago. They showed up unannounced at their homes, guns drawn, for doing nothing other than saving children from death. This is my friend Lauren Handy who I spend the last four days with."

He also went on to praise Handy as a hero.

I cannot keep silent any longer while my friend Lauren’s name is being dragged in the mud. Everything the media is saying about her is a total lie.

Here are the facts:

-Lauren found five 3rd trimester aborted babies outside the abortion clinic in DC.

-The babies have clear evidence for potential of crimes committed against them. Among such crimes are the potential for violating the Born Alive Infant Protection Act and Partial birth abortion.

-She made arrangements with the police for them to come get them on March 29th. See image attached.

-The next day she was arrested for an unrelated arrest she has two years prior. Her arrest on March 30th had nothing to do with the babies she found!

-While in federal custody for the arrest two years ago, the DC police came to her house after arrangements were made.

-Despite all my thoughts on the matter, out of respect for the investigation, Lauren and everyone involved, I didn’t go public with this until now.

Lauren Handy is a hero! She should be lauded for doing what she did. Instead, she has been abandoned by everyone that should have loved and protected her. Please share far and wide.

Hurley also made it a point to note that he has been receiving a ton of phone calls.

However, he said there would be a press conference this Tuesday at 11:30am and encouraged his followers to "Buckle up, it’s going to be worth waiting for."

Hurley joined me recently on The Sons of Liberty following his and his team's stand in an abortion murder mill in San Francisco that was at the center of The Center for Medical Progress' sting operation against Planned Parenthood for trafficking baby parts.

When Babies Are Dismembered & Murdered, But The Cops Are After You (Video)

Here’s more.

This is a developing story.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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