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The Recent Medical Freedom Rally Demonstrates That All Politics Is Local

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There was a Medical Freedom Rally in Minnesota. I realize that my articles are published nationwide, so many people will say: “That does not have anything to do with me. I do not care what goes on in the middle of nowhere.”

Well, all politics is local and national politics is just a lot of locals put together.  So, what went on here is effecting things where you are at. Just as a broken leg affects your entire body, if you cannot walk and you become stranded where you are injured. Things produced in one part of the country can effect another part of the country. So, even though this rally was in Hutchinson, Minnesota, which many people nationwide would consider to be flyover country, it matters. It used to be called the heartland, but that was when the country understood we produced what the country needed to live. If Washington, DC arrogantly considered themselves the brains of the country, they understood that if the heart stops beating, the brains die with the heart, and also the entire body dies.

This really applies for the current Vaccine Mandates argument. Many people think they can just force their mandates and force people to do what they want with no consequences. Well they are about to get a hard lesson, as people will not tolerate anything forever. We are at a point where they want all or nothing, and that may get them nothing.

I realize some people may be asking, “What does what you are saying have to do with the Medical Freedom Rally?” Actually, it has a lot to do with it.  The rally was put on by some employees of 3M. I was told 600 employees there do not want to take the shot. I was told that could be as much as a third of 3M’s Hutchinson workforce. How well will 3M operate if they lose a third of their workforce?

There were also many healthcare workers at the rally. The local hospital has nurses and other workers who are going to quit because they do not want to get the shot. There is also an ambulance service in Hutchinson and Glencoe run by Allina. They have Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics who are going to quit because they do not want the shot. The problem is Allina is short staffed before these people quit. The same goes for the hospital.

I talked to one man at the rally who said, “They are going to have to take the shot because they cannot go without a job.” This man was not thinking things through completely. I noticed a lot of these people seemed to be the same age. I started asking some of them, “Do you need to quit, or can you retire?” Many of the people told me, “I can retire.” The man who thinks “they cannot go without a job” is wrong.

I personally know Emergency Medical Technicians who are only doing their job for the good of the community. They could quit tomorrow and have more money. One of them has been covering 29 to 31 on-call shifts a month at his Ambulance Service for more than a year.

Ambulance Services need coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually, there are two 12 hour shifts that need to be staffed by 2 people per shift per ambulance the service operates. So, the one ambulance needs 4 people to cover the shifts for the one ambulance for the one day. That is unless some people cover the whole 24 hours. The community benefits from this man’s service, if they spit in his face with a vaccine mandate, he will quit. He is not the only person I know that is doing way more for the community than other people. We may be about to see an actual “Atlas Shrugs” moment.

Dr. Scott Jensen was a guest speaker at the rally. Dr. Jensen is running for governor of the state of Minnesota. State Representative Glen Gruenhagen also spoke at the rally. Both men have good intentions and I believe they both would like to do something. The problem is the election for governor is not until 2022, and Glen’s party does not control the legislature.

For years, people have been warned that letting government have too much power is going to be a problem. For years it has been a problem. Now that problem has grown to the extreme. That is why I am not reporting on what the politicians were doing at the Medical Freedom Rally. The answers to that is, talking, nothing, or making things worse, and that is not really the important question. The important question is, what are you going to do? If “Atlas does Shrug” you better be a producer because the more you need, the more you will suffer.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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