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The Solution to Vaccine Evil

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I was just reading about the imposter, who is called a judge in Texas, that dismissed a lawsuit brought by 100 Houston Methodist hospital workers. I am not going to go into the details of the case as that is not the point. What I am going to do is explain why good people continue to be controlled by bad people, and why we have to stop letting that happen.

First of all, I need to mention the documentary titled 1986 The Act (Andrew Wakefield Documentary and Film).  I watched this and even though I am very informed, I learned a lot. I am not going to go into the details of the documentary, as everyone reading this article needs to watch it, and watch it more than once because there is a lot of information that you need to know. The documentary can be summarized for the purpose of this article and what we need to do.

What we know from the documentary is the pharmaceutical industry is horribly corrupt and this corruption has caused them to have a lot of money and power. The pharmaceutical industry has used this money and power to corrupt doctors, judges, members of Congress and basically many government workers and agencies. This has caused many decent people to take on a defeatist attitude and then the good people have given the bad people power that they should not have.

The solution to this problem is only in the hands of the good people and only they can solve it. I will use Adolf Hitler as an example. Hitler was a horribly weak man. Hitler had no ability to do good. All Hitler was able to accomplish was evil with the death of a lot of people, and the destruction of his country. If we believe the history books, Hitler committed suicide because he was too much of a coward to face the punishment for the evil he had done. Some people believe Hitler faked his death and snuck out of the country. I think that would prove Hitler to be an even greater coward as he could not face his accusers and he was still a failure that hurt millions of people, and he is nothing but an example of why good people should never give bad people power over themselves.

The problem was not Hitler. The problem is people allow people like Hitler to have power. If the people of Germany had any decency, Hitler would have only been a job for an executioner’s rope. The problem was Hitler was willing to do anything to cause evil and to hurt people. The people of Germany were only willing to allow Hitler to do evil. They just made excuses as to why they let Hitler do what he did. They were not willing to stop Hitler. In the end, Hitler was a failure and a coward, who was not man enough to face the Nuremberg Trials.

So, here we are today. There are many people who have the heart of Hitler, and they are running pharmaceutical companies. They are using money and power to corrupt doctors, judges, members of congress and many government workers and agencies. The question is not, why evil people do evil things. The question is, why do so called good people look for reasons to allow evil, instead of ways to stop evil. If the good people worked half as hard at stopping evil as the evil people do committing evil, the evil people would be stopped.

Here is an example that will explain this. I am in my office. If an evil person came through my door to kill me, I have numerous choices. I could go to my book case and pull out my state statutes, and show the desired to be killer, the statute that says murder is illegal, and then stand there like an idiot and expect the evil person to obey the law. I could call the sheriff and hope he gets here in time to enforce the statute that says murder is illegal, and then stand there like an idiot and expect the sheriff to enforce the law. I could also call a lawyer and ask him to file with the court asking a judge to order the desired to be killer to obey the statute that says murder is illegal, and then stand there like an idiot and expect the judge to order that the law be obeyed. I could also pull out my Taurus Judge and stop the killer from killing.

I guarantee you, if someone tries to kill me, I am not going to help them. In fact, I am going to work twice as hard to stop them as they are going to work to kill me. I am not going to look for excuses for failure. I am going to do what I need to do. The problem we are facing now is people do not realize they are causing evil as much as the people they call evil are causing evil. The pharmaceutical companies are making products that hurt people. The evidence is overwhelming. If you do not look for it or know about it, that is your fault, and if you end up hurt, that is your fault as well.

If someone says, “I have to take the sham shot to keep my job,” they are evil if they help their job hurt them by getting the sham shot. You will not be able to work if you are dead. If you believe evil people who want money, you are a fool. Do not expect corrupt people who have been bought off to help you. Do not expect stupid people who have been deceived to help you. Do not expect your doctor to help you. There are two kinds of doctors, the evil ones that know better and do not care, and the useful idiots who refuse to get smart. Doctor Devil and Doctor Dummy, it does not matter which one yours is, you will be just as harmed either way.

1986 The Act (Andrew Wakefield Documentary and Film) shows that children have been hurt for a long time. It is a gift from God that these evil people have decided to attack the rest of us. Maybe we will finally stop this evil. The millions of children who have been harmed by these vaccines are innocent victims. They have suffered because we have a country where the adults are a bunch of gullible buffoons. We deserve God’s punishment for the evil we have allowed. It is time to demand that this stops and that it stops now.

It is time to make the corrupt doctors stop being doctors, do not go to them. It is time to make the corrupt judges stop being judges, demand that they be impeached. It is time to make the corrupt members of congress stop being members of congress, do not vote for them, recall them, and tell them you will not tolerate their behavior. It is time to make the corrupt government workers and agencies stop being evil. Demand that their agencies be shut down. Demand that they be put in prison for their crimes.

If these atrocities are allowed to continue, and we continue to be weak and make excuses, we will deserve the death and destruction we get. However, these innocent children who have been hurt and will be hurt do not deserve the death and destruction they get. That is and will be our shame.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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