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This Administration Is Fortifying Itself Against The People: A Concrete Wall Being Built Around The People’s White House

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“Building a concrete wall around itself is NOT the way that a representative government acts when serving its constituents. This is what a totalitarian government does when they expect retaliation from the people that they are assailing.”

Red Voice Media recently reported: “White House Concrete Security Wall Erected, No Information Released As To Why.” To no one’s surprise, and once again, the Mainstream Media (USA Today) and their “Useful Idiots” deny the truth of the matter in stating that it does not show massive wall in front of White House. Well, I ask then, what is it if not a massive wall (Genesis 3:1)?


WASHINGTON, DC – Social media posts have popped up this week showing a concrete blast and security wall being set up all around the White House Tuesday.

No information has been released to inform the public as to the reasoning for this wall.

Generally if there is a head of a nation coming for a visit, this type of wall will be temporarily erected. However, no such visits have been announced, at least not publicly.

Do consider that the capitals in many states across America have fenced in their state capitals as well.

The barrier appears to be approximately 10 feet high made from concrete k-rails.

This is what a regime, state governments included, must do when it continually assails its own people.

Yet, they want you to believe that 80 million people voted this president into office. Think (Ephesians 4:14)!

After Joe Biden illegally took occupancy, the military is then called up to protect him from the people that allegedly put him into office.

We Warned You That It Was Coming – Hunting Politicians- It’s Happening

And adding insult to injury, D.C. Mayor Bowser Reminds Residents That They Will Need Their Walking Papers Before Leaving Their Home.

History is repeating itself here, friends (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Sound Familiar Americans? Austrian Survivor: “US Is Marching To Same Drum Beat As Nazi Germany” (Video)

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In conclusion: One thing is for certain: a government of the people and by the people does not fortify itself against the very people that they are to serve (Matthew 20:28). Yet, this is what is, in fact, happening right before the eyes of the American people (Psalm 9:17).

If this wall does not help you understand who this criminal administrative is serving, I am afraid nothing will because it is not the people.

So, let it be said to the people that every country deserves the government that it is has, for it is a truth that must be told.

What is happening here is a mere reflection of the corruption in the American people (Ezekiel 18:20), and what it is that they will tolerate. After all, If you do not stand against crime and condemn it then it merely means that you are guilty of it (Psalm 94:20). Friends, we are doing this to ourselves (Numbers 32:23).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean

The Washington Standard

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