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This Cop is the Definition of Insanity, Despite 19 Complaints and Macing a Baby, She’s Still a Cop

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

Chicago, IL — All too often we hear about a tragic incident of police brutality or police killing and find out after the fact that the criminal cop responsible should have never had a badge in the first place.

Time and again we see officers with rap sheets longer than their service records, yet they are still given a badge and a gun and sent out on the streets as ticking time bombs waiting to explode.

Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy is one of those officers.

In 2013, Officer Murphy came across Rev. Catherine Brown and her two small children, who were returning home. Murphy was driving erratically down the street and nearly hit Brown head on. However, thanks to Brown honking her horn, Murphy stopped just before crashing into the car full of children.

“It’s a blessing I did blow my horn,” said Brown, recalling that fateful night.

However, the blessing of stopping a head on collision would quickly morph into a horrifying experience.

Seemingly too proud to back up and let the mother and her two children pull into their house, officer Murphy jumped out of the vehicle and began swearing at Brown demanding she move her vehicle.

The dashcam video of the rest of the incident is nothing short of infuriating and horrifying. After pulling her gun multiple times on this innocent family and smashing the cruiser into a car full of children, Officer Murphy jumps out and begins dousing Brown with pepper spray. Murphy was so careless that she sprayed Brown’s small baby too.

After this incident, it was Brown who was charged with a crime and Murphy who kept her paycheck, her gun, and her badge.

An eye-opening report from CBS Chicago shows that ramming her car into a mother and macing children is par for the course for this Chicago hero.

The same year Murphy nearly killed an innocent family, she also arrested an innocent woman for buying legal prescription drugs for her elderly grandmother. She was held in jail overnight for no reason.

On top of that debacle, she called 9-1-1 while off-duty and made false claims against three innocent people buying food in a convenience store.

CBS Chicago received a copy of that 9-1-1 call which shows that Murphy blatantly lied about what was going on in the store. Thankfully, there were surveillance cameras which proved that the three men she claimed “robbed the store with a knife” did nothing of the sort, and, in fact, paid for their items without causing a disturbance at all.

That lie was only the tip of the iceberg, however. The 9-1-1 call recorded a frantic and disturbed Murphy, who was told repeatedly by the dispatch officer to calm down and act like a cop. Lying through her teeth, Murphy then claimed the innocent men robbed another store they never even entered.

Murphy’s lies got these innocent men pulled over by Chicago PD and held at gunpoint, handcuffed and searched.

In her brief ten-year stint with the Chicago police department, Murphy has been the subject of multiple lawsuits, has been suspended, and has racked up a whopping 19 complaints. Somehow, this psychotic cop still has her job.

The Washington Standard

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