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This Guy Demonstrates Who the Real Haters Are in the Sodomite Movement

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In order to demonstrate the vile behavior of the sodomite community and their supporters, one must not only consider the history of those whom God has turned over to a reprobate mind (Rom. 1:28). I have documented quite a bit of that in a previous article, which you can read here. Those with this mindset can only be delivered by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or with the ultimate penalty that God prescribes for those who engage in such behavior. Yet, these cowards will hide behind emails and telephone calls in order to vent their venom against the truth when Christianity shines the light on their disgusting behavior towards one another with a goal in mind of raping America’s children with their disgusting, criminal actions. Such was the case with a recent email Bradlee Dean from the Sons of Liberty.

It seems that a person representing themselves as “Robert Berger” wanted a little too much attention. In the same vein as the degenerate sodomite Dan Savage, Robert has a mouth that is about a perverted as his mind and wanted to address the recent article by Dean, in which, once again, he warned America’s parents of who is the ultimate target of those God has given over to such vile passions.

*As a side note, anyone wishing to contact Mr. Berger should do so at [email protected]. I’m sure it’s an account he doesn’t check often or uses to troll people since this is how cowards respond. In any case, here is Mr. Berger’s email to Dean regarding the recent article in which Dean exposed the sodomite agenda that is targeting America’s children. I will remove the vulgarities as it’s clear the person has no rationale because he is under the judgment of God (reprobate mind).

“You f**king abomination Bradlee f**ing Adolf Hitler Dean!  Gay people are NOT after children! You lying sack of dog sh*t! F**k you into the ground, you evil little sack of vomit and pus! You are one of the most evil, despicable, loathsome, and dangerous people in America. You are a f**king CRIMINAL!!!  You are a despicable and ruthless hate and fear monger who could not tell the truth to save your life. (Not that your miserable, worthless life would even be worth saving).  The vast majority of gay men are NOT pedophiles, you f**king bigoted liar! Most pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL!!!

There is no sinister “gay agenda” of “recruiting [sic]” children, you f**king a**hole, because homosexuality is INNATE!

And you have the sheer gall and nerve to call yourself a “Christian”.   You are no more a Christian than I am Godzilla, you disgusting sack of s**t!   You are nothing but a vile, evil, hateful, lying self-righteous abomination masquerading as a Christian!   Scum like you give Christianity a bad name!  You make a mockery of everything Jesus tood [sic] for with your vile anti-gay bigotry and hypocrisy!  LEAVE GAY PEOPLE ALONE AND STOP SPREADING VICIOUS LIES ABOUT THEM!!!!

Even worse, while you whine endlessly about abortion, you want the U.S. government to PERSECUTE any child born which grows up to be gay!  FUCK YOU!!!! How hypocritical can you get??? Sheesh!

F**k Christianity and the!   I don’t give a sh*t what that stup0id, primitive old book says about homosexuality. It’s all nothing but ANCIENT BULLS**T!!!  You have the right to BE Christian, but NO RIGHT to use your idiot religious beliefs as an excuse to be such a vicious, hateful sack of s**t!   Keep your stupid Christianity to yourself, a**hole! I and millions of other Non-Christians in this country refuse to let bigoted a**holes like you shove your religious bulls**t down our throats!

America is NOT a Christian theocracy a**hole – GET OVER IT!   You have zero right to use your religious bulls**t as an excuse to interfere with the private rights of others and to violate their rights!

And who appointed you, you f**king a**shole, to be an official U.S. buysbody [sic}, with the right to stick your slimy little nose into other people’s bedroms [sic]., judge them, and demand that our SECULAR government persecute them just because YOU “disapprove” of their life style?   You make me want to vomit!

Look – if you want to live in a  country ruled by a religious book, religious leaders , where gay people have no rights and abortion is illegal yet rampant , move to f**king Iran or Saudi Arabia , you fucking sack of s**t !    GET OUT OF AMERICA!   You’re a leader of the Christian Taliban!

Dean, do this country and the world a huge favor.  Stick a shotgun up your stinking a** and pull the trigger!   You don’t have any brains to blow out!  This would be good use for a gun for once, and good riddance to THE LOWEST SCUM ON EARTH!!!

I don’t believe n [sic] hell, but GO TO HELL ANYWAY! And take all your bigoted friends and assocates [sic} with you, a**hole!

He then signed with all the love and affection in his heart, which amounted to zero, “Robert Berger, a proud LIBERAL American – pro choice, pro gay  rights, pro gun control, pro separation of church and state, pro secularism, pro science, environmental protection, etc – everything right-wing extremists like you fear and hate!”

In other words, Robert is a Marxist anti-theist. And these people call Christians haters!

Clearly, Robert is so full of his own hate that he can’t even slow down to spell correctly and seems infatuating with sex acts that he continually uses the slang term for them along with referencing anuses. My guess is the Robert not only supports men being able to violate other men’s anuses with their penises, but actually engages in it and is angry that someone would dare tell him he is wrong for doing so, something that he knows is wrong because nature teaches him that.

Is it me, or does anyone else who reads this degenerate’s email not sense the very hatred he is seeking to ascribe to someone who loves him enough to tell him that what he is doing is wrong and will garner the just wrath of a holy God?

Here’s my message for Robert and his ilk: Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. To tell you that to engage in the criminal and sinful act of sodomy is perceived to be hate, is to stick your fingers in your ears to keep from feeling the blast of the grenade that is two feet in front of you. If you fail to repent, you will remain in your sins, hate and fear for all eternity. Christians don’t fear for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but we do hate that which God, not you, calls an abomination. God will punish sinners, not sin, in Hell.

Trust the Word of God that Robert is demonstrating that he is on the express freeway to such a place, unless he repents. Should he be in one of the states that would penalize such behavior and such vile language, then I hope authorities would bring him to a swift justice.

By the way, should Robert read this article, the call in number to the radio show is 866-233-0747. It’s time for you to call in coward.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. and SettingBrushfires.com; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.
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