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This Lawless Group That Funds The “Squad” & Planned Parenthood Is Having Money Problems

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Socialist group behind the ‘Squad’ and Planned Parenthood are firing staff.

Can woke actually be going broke?

Justice Democrats, a progressive group founded in 2017 following the failed presidential run of socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, in mid-July let go 9 of its 20 staffers, Politico reported. The group works to help elect far-left candidates and is largely credited with helping create the “Squad” of House lawmakers that includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

It’s not just the Justice Dems.

The Sunrise Movement, a climate action group closely aligned with Justice Democrats that was influential in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, began laying off 35% of its 100-person staff in April 2022.

Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club, pillars of the center-left infrastructure, have laid off significant percentages of their staffs this year.

The Planned Parenthood layoffs of 14% of its staff infuriated a major leftist union.

“At a time when abortion rights are being curtailed across the country and Planned Parenthood’s advocacy and community-based healthcare services are more important than ever, PPFA should not be letting go staff members whose contributions have been crucial to the movement,” said Veronica Turner, Senior Executive Vice President at 1199SEIU. “These are leaders and activists and who are facing their own financial and health challenges, and we condemn PPFA’s lack of collaboration with its employees and their unions in navigating a major restructuring. We call on PPFA to urgently reassess these damaging layoffs.”

The Sierra Club claimed that there was a $40 million shortfall and got into its own union fight. Hilariously, Sierra laid off its ‘equity’ department.

PWU found out this week that layoff notices were sent to a major part of @SierraClub ‘s Human Resources Investigations Team and the entire Equity Department. These teams were undergoing review of many internal investigations of toxic behavior.

That probably refers to the rape allegation involving a top Sierra figure.

But enough internal lefty drama. The lefty media blames declining revenues and there’s probably something to that. In a tight economy, there’s less money and more cutbacks, not just for big companies, but also for the lefty groups being subsidized by them. And, like Amazon and Google, lefty organizations spent too much money and became too ambitious during the Trump years. Without Trump, they have less fundraising power.

Additionally, lefties tend to sour of their shtick a lot sooner. The exciting gimmick from 5 years ago no longer plays in the Bay Area or Manhattan. Equity people are getting fired, abortion isn’t as exciting, drag shows are where it’s at now. Put away your BLM shirts and get out your ‘Don’t Ban Graphic Pornography in Kindergarten’ shirts.

Welcome to the right side of history.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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