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Thousands of Cases Tied to Houston Cops Who Murdered Innocent Couple Could be Exonerated

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Houston, TX — As TFTP reported last month, Houston-area prosecutors announced they will examine 1,400 cases which are linked to the cop who fabricated evidence to spark the raid on an innocent couple—in which they were murdered in their own home by police. Now, this week, nearly 1,000 more cases will be reviewed that are tied to another officer who was also relieved of duty, Houston police officer Steven Bryant.

Last month, the FBI announced that they will be investigating the officers involved in the raid on Dennis and Rhogena Tuttle who were massacred in their own home. Houston District Attorney Kim Ogg previously announced that the 1,400 cases tied to Officer Gerald Goines—who was relieved of duty last month—will be reviewed. And now, her office estimates that at least 800 more cases could be tainted which are tied to Bryant.

“We have a duty to the people of Harris County to pursue justice in every instance, no matter how many cases this involves,” Ogg said on Tuesday. “We are going to thoroughly review each of these cases to ensure that the arrests and convictions were proper.”

Investigators have their work cut out for them as these cops were allegedly willing to fabricate information to raid the home of an innocent couple who have lived in the same home for decades and were adored by all their neighbors—which means they’ve likely done this before.

According to officials, there are 30 active cases tied to Bryant which are now all in jeopardy.

As KPRC2 reports, their legal analyst Brian Wice said the DA’s office is going to have to double their personnel to help review the cases. He said it could take up to a year and he thinks that reopening the cases could come with a price.

“These are cases where there is a bunch of people in the penitentiary, some of which could get the ‘get out of jail cards’ who may not deserve it, but that’s the price that criminal justice system requires to be paid in a situation where you got one or two bad apples,” Wice said.

After Ogg noted the investigation into the 2,000-plus cases, the Houston Police Department issued the following statement:

“This is something HPD had already initiated. The DA’s actions were anticipated and welcomed.”

The irony here is that these two cops—who’ve ostensibly been ‘protecting’ the city—could now be responsible for releasing hundreds of potentially violent criminals back on the street.

However, many of these so-called criminals are likely just people who got caught or were framed for having substances deemed illegal by the state. While some may fear monger over their release, no one should be put in a cage for choosing to put something in their own body.

NBC News reported last month that the FBI also said it has opened an independent civil rights investigation into Jan. 28 raid that left a man and a woman who lived at the home dead and several police officers shot and injured. The agency’s Houston office said the investigation is “into allegations that a search warrant obtained by Houston police officers was based on false, fabricated information.”

As TFTP reported, after controversy and rumors have swarmed the case, the Houston police department has admitted that the entire raid was most likely based on the lies of one of their own.

“That’s totally unacceptable. I’ve told my police department that if you lie, you die,” Acevedo said. “When you lie on an affidavit, that’s not sloppy police work, that’s a crime.”

As thousands of cases get reviewed and potentially innocent people are freed from jail, the HPD also announced an end to no-knock raids, setting a massive precedent for departments across the country.

“The no-knock warrants are going to go away like leaded gasoline in this city,” Acevedo said late last month.

From the start, this case reeked of corruption and cover ups. The couple was smeared by police in the media, called dirt bags, and those who questioned the official story accused of waging a war on cops. Now it has led to thousands of people potentially being freed from prison and massive shifts in policy. Those who continue apologize for bad cops would do well to realize the effect these “two bad apples”—who happened to get caught—have had.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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