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Trans-Terrorist Murder Plot Foiled in Colorado, Targeting THREE SCHOOLS

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Targeting children again.

The left has been inciting the mentally disturbed to slaughter and this is the consequence.

And still no Nashville shooter manifesto. They’re hiding it.

BREAKING: Trans male arrested for planning Colorado school shooting, had anti-Trump manifesto

Whitworth faces charges of attempted murder after allegedly making threads against schools in Colorado Springs, Colo.

By: The Post Millennial, April 6, 2023:

A trans-identified male who goes by Lilly, though his given name is William Whitworth, was arrested and charged after a police investigation in Colorado Springs revealed that the 19-year-old was responsible for “threats involving schools in Colorado Springs Academy District 20.”

Whitworth faces charges of attempted murder after allegedly making threats against schools in Colorado Springs, Colo., according to local news.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office charged Whitworth with two counts of a criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, criminal mischief, menacing, and interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions.

Whitworth is an alum of the school district and attended from 2014-16. Whitworth had attended Timberview Middle School in District 20, and an affidavit showed that this was the school Whitworth planned to target, for “no specific reason.”

The investigation began after the sheriff’s office was dispatched on March 31 due to a disturbance.

Deputies spoke with someone at the door on that day, and learned that another individual inside was “very upset and punched holes inside the walls.” Deputies, however, were not immediately allowed access to the residence.

Once inside, however, deputies found signs that someone had been punching holes in walls, and had ripped doors off their hinges. The person who reported the disturbance was reportedly Whitworth’s sister.

Deputies asked Whitworth if he had an intention of harming people at a school, and according to an affidavit, Whitworth indicated that this was the intention.

When asked why, Whitworth said “Why does anyone do it.”

Whitworth, deputies noted, appeared to be drunk and made suicidal statements. Additional targets per Whitworth’s manifesto were churches, and the planning had been ongoing for a month. Whitworth told officers that he had learned how to make a detonation device on YouTube.

Whitworth’s manifesto had a list of school people and shooters with notes next to their names:

“Eric and Dylan: Losers
“Adam Lanza: To smart
“Isreal Keyes: Degenerate
“Lauren Southern: Pathetic
“Vaush: Terrorist
“Donald J. Trump: Con-mam
“Bad cops: Useless garbage
“Stockholm, Name: Liam K.”

The manifesto’s contents detailed:

“A list of firearms and how to 3D print them; Detailed lists of numerous named individuals to be killed and their indented casualty versus injury rate. Information detailing the creation of improvised explosive devices; The Finalization of locations being Timberview Middle School, Prairie Hills Elementary, and Pine Creek High School.”

This comes after trans-identified female Audrey Hale shot 3 children and 3 adults to death in The Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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