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Treason & the Sacrifice of SEAL Team Six on Extortion 17

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It is painfully obvious to me, and most of you who will read this article, that our government is not our government any longer. The incestuous relationship between those who wield power in America and the Global Banking Cabal has all but destroyed the very fabric of this once great nation. And, let us not forget the Trans-National Corporations; whose individual members enjoy wealth that eclipse some countries.

Although the activity outlined above may hover between outright theft and treason, an incident that occurred in Aug., 2011 eliminates any grey area and, in my opinion, constitutes a Capital Crime. I’m referring, of course, to the downing of the military helicopter in Afghanistan containing 31 American souls, many of whom (22) were members of Seal Team Six.

Don Brown displays his many hours of pain-staking research involving the crash of the Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan on 8.11.2011 in his book, “Call Sign Extortion 17.” Don graciously accepted our invitation to appear as a guest on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show; the video of which I have included below. For those of you who may not be completely familiar with the events outlined above, I have included some bullet-points below as a means of introduction:

* Extortion 17 shoot-down was largest single loss-of-life for US Forces in Afghan War.

* Largest single loss-of-life in history of US Navy SEALs.

* As the chopper approached for landing, Rules of Engagement prevented pre-suppression fire into helicopter’s landing zone prior to landing, even though Taliban were spotted moving towards the landing zone.

* A US AC-130 Aircraft spotted Taliban moving towards the helicopter’s landing zone, and requested permission to fire on Taliban — but was denied permission to fire on Taliban by chain of command.

* Chopper was delayed finding the landing zone, inexplicably seemed to be hanging in the air searching for the landing zone.

* Chopper was nine minutes later after scheduled landing time… On a flight that was only 10 minutes max, when it was blown out of the air.

* Chopper pilot made very odd transmissions in last minutes before shoot-down, including a very odd request for a “sparkle” and said was having trouble finding landing zone.

* Choppers transmissions and seeming stall in the air were odd considering the co-pilot CW4 David Carter was a highly experience pilot and Army fight instructor

* Extortion 17 shot down 239 AM Local time 6 Aug 2011 local time Afghanistan.

* Extortion 17 was between 100 – 150 feet off the ground, apparently shot by a RPG at point blank range.

* 9 Aug 2011 – Bodies of all 30 American plus 8 Afghans are returned to US. Military through spokesman claims “there are no identifiable remains.”

* Some family members are told that their son’s bodies will be cremated, and protest the decision.

* Various British and French media outlets that the Taliban was tipped on the helicopter’s landing zone.

* 13 September 2011 – Military concludes its investigation: Concludes no wrongdoing, and concludes the shoot-down was unavoidable. No mention is included about British and French reports that the Taliban was tipped. No mention about the AC-130 being denied permission to take out Taliban approaching the Landing Zone by foot.

October 2011 — Army BGEN Jeffrey Colt meets with families of the fallen in Little Creek VA, to brief them on investigation. Colt’s team tells families that helicopter’s Black Box could not be found and has possibly “washed away in a flood.” INEXPLICABLY 1200 PAGES OF TOP SECRET PAPERS HAVE BEEN DECLASSIFIED AND GIVEN TO PARENTS. (The Colt Report)/

Between October 2011 and Jan 2013, the military asks for the report back from families, then later withdraws the request.

* From the Report, it is revealed that US Military intelligence intercepted Taliban Messages 11 May 2011 (10 days after Bin Laden Attack) that Taliban is moving 100 fighters into Tangi Valley (site of Shoot-down) for purpose of Shooting down US Chopper.

* From the Report it is discovered that 3 other US Military Choppers have been fired upon in the 90 days before Extortion 17 is shot down, but Rule of Engagement still do not allow pre-suppression fire into the landing zone to protect the SEAL team.

* January 2013 — it is discovered, inadvertently, by a parent of one of the SEALS, that 7 AFGHANS on board Extortion 17 are unidentified, and that the AFGHANS boarded the aircraft in violation of military aviation protocol.

* Oddly the final military report has omitted all mention of the security breach about the Afghans, and does not reveal that the identity of the Afghans are unknown.

* Final Report does not mention that AC 130 was denied permission to fire on suspected Taliban moving towards helicopters landing zone.

* July 2013, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) tells Bob Cusak, quoted in article in “The Hill,” that “the body I saw didn’t need to be cremated.” Implying that bodies had been cremated, thus destroying DNA evidence on the identity of AFGHANs.

* October-November 2013 Author and former Navy JAG Officer Don Brown, reviewing 3 autopsies of EX 17 service members, discovers that bullets have been found in the bodies of 2 of the members, but were called “cook-off rounds” and immediately thrown away by the Armed Forces Medical Examiner as having “no evidentiary value.”

*February 2014 — National Security Subcommittee of House Oversight Committee conducts meaningless, 1.5 hour “hearing.” Gary Reid, government spokesman, claims for the first time, “There was no black box,” and not one question is asked by any Congressman about the Rules of Engagement, the status of the bodies, or the identity of the AFGHANS who infiltrated the aircraft. No one asks why US Army Pathfinders were dispatched for two days to look for a black box, if there was no black box.

The Pentagon representatives testifying consist of the Civilian DOD appointee (Reid), the civilian head of the Pentagon Mortuary affairs, and 3 US Military officers, who are the heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force mortuary affairs. In other words, 4 funeral experts and a civilian appointee, but not a single witness to the incident.

The Search for Truth Continues…

*Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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