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Trey Gowdy Blasts Ted Cruz for being Factually Deficient and Dishonest While Doing the Same Thing

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Everyone has heard or read about the ads that were supposedly posted by the Cruz campaign that had to be taken down. As it happens, so did Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Sitting on the Marco Rubio bus, the Chairman of the committee investigating the Benghazi attacks had plenty to say on the matter.

Gowdy released a video-tape in which he ranted at Sen. Ted Cruz.

“The truth matters. So when you run ads that have to be taken down because they’re factually deficient. When you run ads so fake that you Photoshop someone’s head on someone else’s body… Come on!”

“Run on your record. But don’t mislead my fellow South Carolinians with fake Facebook postings, ads that can’t even withstand FCC scrutiny, and then photo-shopping pictures. Come on, you’re better than that.”

Gowdy earlier this year voiced his endorsement of Marco Rubio for the office of the president.

This is another incident in which Cruz’s honesty has come under fire. Rumors about Ben Carson leaving the campaign trail in bid for the presidency supposedly came from the Cruz camp shortly after the Iowa caucus. Seizing on this event, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio made Cruz’s integrity a point of discussion.

Cruz has accused Gowdy of engaging in a “smear campaign” as some question whether or not Gowdy’s accusations will be detrimental to Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz’s campaign spokesman, Rick Tyler, said, “Does the Marco Rubio campaign really believe it’s going to smear its way to victory?”

To date, no proof has surfaced to indicate whether Cruz was responsible for the fake Facebook post. Todd Harris, Rubio’s senior advisor stated, “We don’t know whether the Cruz campaign specifically was behind this Facebook post or not.  What we do know is that there is a culture of dishonesty that goes from top-to-bottom in the Cruz campaign.”

However, this is not about Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz. This is about Rep. Trey Gowdy. Gowdy, an attorney, has not exactly been honest and forthcoming himself in his duties as Congressman, just like all the other 534 sitting in Washington, DC. Before pinching off the head of the messenger, let’s examine things a bit.

Gowdy, when asked about impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, proclaimed, “Have you met Joe Biden?” This response appeared to be somewhat flippant considering the seriousness of the issues surrounding the man sitting in the Oval Office that are of a criminal and treasonous nature. Does Gowdy expect the American public to believe that impeachment is off the table because of who holds the office of the vice-president? Boehner did not agree with impeachment, but Boehner is now gone.

While questioning another’s honesty, Gowdy needs to look at his own. Nowhere in the Constitution is the action of impeachment qualified to take into consideration who is the vice-president or whether a representative of the people agree with the action or not. Impeachment does not take into consideration public opinion or whether the citizenry asks for the action, supports the action or disagrees with the action. The law is clear.

In providing a flippant, almost sarcastic answer, Gowdy was being dishonest with the American public and those who elected him to office.

As Chairman of the committee formed to investigate Benghazi, what has been done so far? Who has been held accountable? So far, it’s the same dog and pony show for the American public with no one in the administration even having one smidgen’s bit of blame thrown at him/her. Yes, it was discovered that Hillary Clinton used a private unsecured email server located in her home against procedure and funneled secure, classified, secret emails back and forth using it. Where is Hillary now? She’s campaigning for the Democratic nomination for presidential candidate.

Where is Gowdy? He’s riding Marco Rubio’s campaign bus chastising someone else for their dishonesty while failing to recognize his own.

As an attorney, one would think Gowdy would know the Constitution. Again, Gowdy is being dishonest if claiming he does. The impeachment action is one where he fails when citing who holds the office of vice-president as an indication against impeachment.

Another area where Gowdy fails in his knowledge is the “natural born citizen” requirement to hold the office of president in addition to attaining 35 years of age and living as a resident in the united States for 14 years. Publius Huldah has already cleared the air on the founders’ meaning of “natural born citizen” here, here, and here. Building on Publius Huldah’s work, Tim Brown covered “natural born citizen” and the muddying of the waters by Gowdy as well as Ted Cruz.

If Gowdy truly and honestly knows the impeachment clause not having a qualifier and understanding the “natural born citizen” definition as known by our framers, Gowdy is being dishonest with the American public, his constituents and misleading voters to support a man who cannot meet all the requirements established in the Constitution in his bid for the presidency.

Gowdy should take his own advice and stop misleading his fellow South Carolinians by being dishonest. He should not be factually deficient. After all, in his own words, “the truth matters.”

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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