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Triple Jabbed Deaths Skyrocketed 495% In January

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Deaths of those who have gotten three doses of the COVID-19 “vaccines” skyrocketed in January according to new data released by Public Health Scotland. That isn’t all either. The data showed that 80% of all COVID-19 cases were in the fully “vaccinated.”

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that an astounding four out of every five covid hospitalizations and deaths are jabbed, meaning only 20 percent of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covid are occurring in the unvaccinated. “Overall cases have dropped in the last month in all demographics significantly compared to the number of cases recorded between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, but in both months the vaccinated have accounted for the vast majority of cases,” reported the Daily Exposé.

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“The main difference between the two months is that the double vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 11th Dec and 8th Jan 22; recording 145,890 cases, but the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 8th Jan and 4th Feb 22; recording 46,951 cases.”

When it comes to hospitalizations, the mainstream media and rulers tried telling the slaves they would have a more mild infection or be less likely to be hospitalized with COVID if they get the shot. We’ve now got data released from ruling classes telling us that that was a bald-faced lie.

The unvaccinated are doing much better when it comes to hospitalizations and better overall while the fully vaccinated are doing worse and worse overall. The PHS data shows that hospitalizations among the unvaccinated fell by -24 percent in January compared to in December. Hospitalizations among the triple vaccinated, meanwhile, increased by an astounding 88 percent.

Deaths rose from 40 among the triple vaccinated between 4th Dec and 31st Dec 21, to a concerning 238 between 1st Jan and 28th Jan 22. This represents a 495% increase in deaths of those who have received 3 doses of the COVID shots, compared to just a 30% increase in deaths among the unvaccinated population at the same time rising from 46 to just 60.

So far, based on statistical evidence and the data provided, these “vaccines” do not appear to be working the manner we were told. So what is the real purpose of these shots?

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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