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Trump Rips Into “The Squad” In Front Of Thousands: Your Move AOC!

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The Squad” may be both the worst and the best thing to happen to America in recent years.

Though these four congresswomen are lunatics, President Trump is able to point that out and show America the direction that the Democrats are heading.

On Tuesday he had more choice words for them

Here’s Gary:

The Squad seems to be in the news every day lately, here are SOME of our latest stories:

Ayanna Pressley needs to start contributing.

Ever notice how she gets lumped in with these 3 loudmouths and says and does little or nothing to create headlines for herself?

Bad career move Ms. Pressley.

These fools are digging your political grave right along with their own.

I don’t suspect we will see or hear much of these four women after 2020 elections, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Congress is currently overflowing with village idiots that make it easy to find something to talk about every day.

Still, what is good for conservative writers is bad for America.

They can’t get out of the way quickly enough for America.

So until then, we will feature the idiots daily and make sure the voters in their district know that the rest of America is laughing at THEM.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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