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Trump Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize but He Won’t

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While President Trump’s focus on the Southern border has been a hallmark of his campaign, a different border stole the headlines in recent days and demonstrated the President’s dealmaking prowess.

Pictures of the leaders of North and South Korea shaking heads across their respective borders flooded news outlets and social media around the country. Pundits on the left were baffled and scrambled to either come up with an explanation or downplay the likelihood of the meeting’s success.

While we shouldn’t be overly trusting of North Korea’s leader, there is a serious reason for optimism and Trump’s success showed just how wrong the left can be about global politics.

For example, late last year top Obama national policy advisor Ben Rhodes posted on Twitter:

“Every taunt back and forth between Trump and Kim Jong Un makes deescalation and diplomacy less possible.”

That aged well.

Even more damning, Hillary Clinton cast doubts on Trump’s dealings with North Korea in October of last year, saying he would provoke a “nuclear arms race.”

Guess not.

The most insightful comment we’ve seen in recent days actually came from the South Korean leader, who said Trump could receive the Nobel Peace Prize for getting North Korea to come to the table.

Now there’s an idea. If the talks continue to progress well and peace comes to the region, it will be one of the greatest foreign policy accomplishments for a sitting U.S. President in decades. Sadly, it is unlikely Trump will get the credit. While mainstream America will clearly see that Trump orchestrated this historic peace deal, the global elites and mainstream media that influence the Nobel Peace Prize award will likely not award it to President Trump.

While this is a tragedy, conservatives shouldn’t sweat it. Trump doesn’t need their awards, and he never asked for them. Just take the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. While presidents of the past flocked to receive attention and rub elbows with the media elites, Trump skipped their self-congratulatory party to spend the night in Michigan with regular Americans.

Trump doesn’t need awards like the Nobel Peace Prize, even though he may soon deserve it. But that is what makes him Trump, and it is why the establishment doesn’t have sway over him.

Keep it up, Trump.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Sean Clover

The Washington Standard

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