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Trump, South Africa & The “Rule Of Law”

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The media has two weapons in its attack on Trump and its defense of the racist ANC government in South Africa.

1. Trot out the fake white farmers own 72 of the land statistic. More on that coming later.

2. Sing praises for the “rule of law”.

Here’s a typical spin piece in defense of South Africa’s racist ANC regime. It’s from The Atlantic, but media outlets these days are fungible fronts for the same lefty narratives and talking points. As in the USSR, if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.

Even beyond that problem, the inversion of American support for “rule of law” abroad is especially dangerous. Supporting the rule of law has been a core mission of U.S. diplomacy for decades. Trump is seizing that means of influence and using it to support a thinly veiled white-supremacist cause. The conception of law Carlson is pushing, and which Trump now says he backs, puts process above any other consideration. It doesn’t matter that some South African farmers came by their land because a racist minority seized it from the people who lived there; on this view, what’s important is that they own it now and must be compensated for its seizure. This kind of empty formalism is, coincidentally, exactly the way the rule of law is practiced in Russia.

The last sentence is too stupid to even address. The problem in Russia is a lack of formalism and process. It’s the same shortcutting of legal protections in the name of an urgent necessity. (And this confuses foreign policy with the rule of law.)

But never mind that.

Back when the NKVD was running its butcher shops in Moscow, lefties were lecturing us about the dangers of overvaluing process. The mass murder of political opponents was needed to deal with the Czarist legacy. Never mind that the people being tortured and murdered after show trials were often fellow lefties who had fought against the Czar.

The rule of law holds in China, it held in the USSR and Nazi Germany. Everything was done through the rule of law.

The ANC government found that the constitution was an obstructionist to racist land seizures. So it decided to neuter what was left of it. And that’s what the lefty media here cheers as “the rule of law”.

Now imagine what they would do to the Bill of Rights while lecturing us about “process” and the “rule of law”.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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