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Truth About Brexit: Theresa May Sold The British People Out

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Theresa May is not a Prime Minister. She’s a chameleon, a charlatan, a puppet, a devious woman who doesn’t care about Britain.  She cares about herself.  And her actions regarding the referendum to leave the European Union are a demonstration of her treason against her own people.

Fortunately, there are some who are calling her out on it.

For instance, UK MP Jacob William Rees-Mogg blasted May with a letter of no confidence and explained exactly what she was engaging in, as well as other UK politicians.  Take a listen.

Mogg said that things were being set up against the will of the people, and so they have been.

Paul Joseph Watson expressed the same the same thing, only he was a bit more colorful, as usual, in his presentation.

“Let’s just be honest,” said Watson.  “This whole thing was designed to fail from the very beginning.”

“Theresa may never intended to dignify the referendum result,” he added.  “I warned that they were gonna stab us all in the back from day one.  Theresa May deliberately negotiated a crappy deal knowing it would be rejected, so as to create the pretext for canceling Brexit.”

“If you enter into a neogtiation with no limits on the lengths to which you’ll compromise, that’s not a negotiation,” he said.  “That’s a capitulation.”

That’s exactly right.  It’s surrender from the get go, but this is the way modern politicians would have it so.  They want to keep the status quo and it doesn’t matter if it’s in the UK or the US.

Look, this same thing applies here in the US.  Americans are being played by both political parties.  Notice, the same agenda really does advance forward.  It may slow or quicken its pace, but in the end, it’s still on the same track, and yes, that includes President Donald Trump being in office.

Brexit is a failure not because it cannot be so, but because the people put Thresa May, a weak, pitiful woman who can’t even lead her own family, but is trying to lead a country.

Theresa May is what is wrong in England.  Men have abandoned their post and let weak women lead them.

It’s a judgment from God (Isaiah 3:12).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

The Washington Standard

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