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The Truth About David Hogg & His Family & US Govt Sacrifice Of Its Own In School Shooting For Agenda

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David Hogg, the latest poster boy for gun control since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, wreaks with government sponsorship in every way possible from appearing in an initial interview flubbing his scripted lines to seemingly organizing, on his own, anti-gun rallies by students across the country. The biggest question is, how did David Hogg have a script ready to read directly after the shooting? This fact clearly shows he knew beforehand that this incident was going to happen.

There is also the flawless effort by Hogg in getting students across the country organized within hours to protest guns and the Second Amendment. Here, Hogg seems to be an expert at organizing communities for a cause as well as having unlimited funds to be able to pull it off.

Supposedly, his dad is a retired FBI agent, yet his name isn’t mentioned hardly at all in any press or news articles. The closest we get is a Kevin Hogg, 51, who was a Navy pilot, worked for the FBI, and was an elementary school teacher currently living in the Orlando area. As usual, with factious individuals, we get conflicting backgrounds, work history, and more than one individual concrete possibility of who they may actually be. Kevin is said to have retired from the FBI in 2014, which would make him a part of the Obama Dictatorship’s FBI that wants Donald Trump out of office.

David Hogg’s mother, is supposedly Rebecca Boldrick who is still married to Kevin, is said to work for the Broward County School District as a teacher. She is listed as having worked for Heron Heights Elementary School in Parkland, Florida.  Yet, she is not listed as a teacher there. Boldrick has also been very active in anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment politics, and has close ties to CNN. She is also a anti-Trump activist.

The big question with Rebecca is, why didn’t she take the name Hogg after marrying Kevin? She isn’t a celebrity or has such an empire in the business world that she would need to retain the name Boldrick.

Both Kevin and Rebecca are listed by BlockShopper as owning a home in Parkland, Florida worth almost 1 million dollars. Apparently, it is up for sale.

So, we’re supposed to believe Kevin Hogg, a former FBI agent and part-time school teacher, and Rebecca Boldrick a school teacher have the money to have multiple million dollar homes in Florida, the money to organize anti-gun rallies across the country, and jet set David Hogg around the nation to organize anti-gun protests.

Sorry, but it just is not believable, the funds have to be coming from an outside entity.

The whole Hogg family wreaks with lies and conspiracy and actually reminds us of the Harry Tasker family in the movie True Lies, or the Smith family from the animated TV series American Dad where neither the husband or wife are really who the neighborhood thinks they are because they work for US clandestine agencies behind the scenes.

The main media seems to be the biggest beneficiaries to the Parkland incident since they are using it to regain credibility in the face of so much fake news, distorted information, and anti-Trump propaganda. Now, the main media like CNN are glorifying the anti-gun efforts by David Hogg and trying to make it seem as if anyone who supports the Second Amendment is anti-American and unpatriotic. The Parkland incident is also being used to further demonize Donald Trump’s statist policies in putting America as a sovereign nation first in general and his stance on preserving the Second Amendment in particular. These efforts by the main media and politicians who support them are taking a page out of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi handbook in trying to accuse those who oppose them of the same thing they are guilty of.

For years, the media and overall press have not been journalistic at all in simply reporting news facts.  Instead, they have propagandized every news item that comes across the wire to fit the NWO Progressive agenda. This is because when Barack Obama signed NDAA in 2012, an amendment in the package legalized propaganda on the American public.

In the case of the Parkland shooting being a scripted incident by the government to sway the public into supporting gun control, it seems very likely so, given the evidence at hand. Many Americans find it impossible to believe their government would sacrifice its own citizens for an agenda, however it has been happening almost since the government was founded.

From the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in the 1930s where hundreds of black farm workers were experimented on, the Measles Vaccine Experiment from 1990 to 1991, to sacrificing the lives of soldiers in placing them at various distances from live nuclear bomb explosions during the Manhattan Project, we see the reality of what our government is capable.

All of this, not to mention the Eugenics Program where American Indian women were subjected to forced abortions and sterilization. This went on into the 1980s before it was halted.  However, it is still going on today, I suspect.

It is evident that the US has two governments in power in Washington at the moment, the leftovers from the Obama Dictatorship who will stop at nothing to regain power since their chosen successor Hillary Clinton lost a rigged election and the people’s government in the Trump Administration who actually beat the odds of a fixed election against them.

Those currently in office who are part of the previous Dictatorship, and are both Democrats and Republicans alike, spend their whole day not doing their jobs in representing their constituents in their districts, but are totally concentrating their efforts on getting Trump out of office. This is not representation, but rule.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Tony Elliott.

The Washington Standard

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