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Turkey Is On The Warpath Invading Syria With Mass Airstrike Bombardment

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Turkish army with the air support has launched a military operation inside Syria claiming to liberate the northern Syrian city of Jarablus from ISIS, Anadolu agency reported.

Officials say that the operation aims to prevent new flows of migration, as well as to deliver aid to civilians and clear the area of terrorists, the news agency reports.


The Turkish military is claiming to be shelling ISIS positions in northern Syria, close to Jarablus, as well as shelling positions of the Kurdish YPG.

But the question that begs an answer is that if it is true that Turkey had a sudden willingness to join the fight against ISIS, why then did Turkey orchestrate a second front, not against ISIS, but against the very enemies of ISIS, the Kurdish rebels in Syria and Iraq?

Jarablus has to be taken by Turkey, with Islamists rebel forces helping, of course. As soon as the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF) was victorious over ISIS in Syria, Turkey comes to cash in the victory. Why if the SDF is doing their job? The SDF is an alliance of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen, and Circassian militias that united to rid the world of ISIS. These are secularists who successfully drove ISIS out from all important strategic areas, such as Shaddadi, Al-Hawl, Tishrin Dam, and Manbij.

Now Turkey cashes in. Its Ottoman expansionist dream into Syria is on the horizon. Its apparent alliance playing the savior for the West is all a ruse.

Turkey could care less about the ISIS threat. After all, even if Turkey and the U.S. eventually defeat ISIS, the United States will clear the runway for the Ottomans to set their foot in Syria as a peacekeeping force, just as the United States cleared the runway for Iran to encroach into Iraq and become the peacekeeping force there. Both beasts intend to consume much flesh. It is, after all, a Caliphate Agenda in progress, while all credit goes to Obama, Islam’s man in the White House.

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