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Five States Suing Over Obamacare Rules About Gender Dysphoria

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It is one thing to say that a man who identifies as a woman has to be allowed in the woman’s bathroom. It is a whole other thing to say that he should be given a hysterectomy. But this is exactly what the Affordable Care Act states that a doctor must do.

Because of such silliness, Five states have just filed suit.

Christian News reports:

Five states have filed a legal challenge against the Obama administration over its recently-released healthcare rules, which some believe might be used to force doctors to perform sex change operations or other services that may violate their conscience.

Texas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska and Kansas are all a part of the suit, as well as the Christian Medical and Dental Association and the Roman Catholic Franciscan

This is not that the medical personnels are against the transgender; it is that they are for their consciences. They believe what they would be forced to do is wrong and unhealthy. It is not a political statement but a healthy issue.

Christian News continues:

The department provide the examples that “a covered entity may not deny, based on an individual’s identification as a transgender male, treatment for ovarian cancer where the treatment is medically indicated” and if “an issuer or state Medicaid agency denies a claim for coverage for a hysterectomy that a patient’s provider says is medically necessary to treat gender dysphoria,” the case will be investigated.

The site Modern Healthcare also outlines that the rules could require that hospitals provide sex change operations and other treatments related to switching one’s gender identity.

So the question that we must ask is whether or not this is indicative of a free society. Can we be free while forcing doctors and hospitals to provide services that are needed because of the patient’s delusions?

Unfortunately, in this upside down world, they probably will say that it is.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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