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UK Case Mirroring Jack Phillips: UK Supreme Court Favored Religious Freedom

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When it comes to the fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists, they believe actual individual unalienable rights, along with those they invent, belong only to their group and groups they support.  They use their double standard to deny basic rights to those outside their clique.  For example:  It is acceptable for a sodomite or Muslim bakery to refuse to create a cake with a biblical message, but the government should force a Christian baker to create a cake with a pro- sodomite, pro-transgender, pro-sodomite “marriage” message. While this hypocrisy has been focused mainly in the united States, the same issue is occurring in the United Kingdom.

Ashers Baking Company, run by Amy and Daniel McArthur, refused to bake and decorate a cake with a “pro-gay marriage” message.  The case went through the court system landing in the lap of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court.  The court ruled in favor of the baking company finding, “the Christian bakers had not discriminated on grounds of sexual orientation, religious belief, or political opinion in declining to decorate a cake with the message ‘Support Gay Marriage’.”  The court ruled, unanimously, it was not discriminatory for the bakers to refuse to create the cake because it was not the sexual orientation to which they objected, but the message.   Because of their free speech victory, the couple urged all Christians to take a stand for God’s word.

Breitbart reported:

The McArthurs gave an interview to The Christian Institute, a non-profit that assists Christians facing LGBT discrimination cases.

“I would say to other Christians to not be afraid, to take your stand for God’s word because he is so faithful and he will bring you through it,” said Amy McArthur.

“The past four years has really strengthened my faith in God, his comfort and strength and peace – for that alone it would’ve been worth it,” she added.

Amy’s husband Daniel agreed, and underscored the importance of the victory for freedom of speech.

“This judgment carries so much weight because it guarantees free speech for Christians all over the UK,” he said.

“People ask you ‘was it worth it, going through all this?’ and I answer them ‘absolutely yes’,” he said. “We knew we were doing what God wanted us to do and we believe we’ve been following his will.”

The McArthurs said that the toughest part of the ordeal has been resistance from fellow Christians, who thought they should have backed down.

 “The hardest thing was when other Christians told you they thought you weren’t doing the right thing bringing it through the courts,” Daniel said.

It isn’t surprising there were Christians who thought the couple should have backed down, in essence, violating their religious beliefs.  Many “pastors” in churches today are only preaching the love of God while ignoring the counsel of God.  Because of the failure of some pastors to spiritually feed their congregation the entire word of God, some Christians believe it is appropriate to concede to the demands of government even if it means violating God’s word – God will understand.  But, the hierarchy is God and His word first.  Laws established by government should conform to God’s word and law, not be an affront to it.  When the two are in conflict, God’s law and word are supreme.

President of the Supreme Court Lady Hale said of the decision arrived at by the five justices that, “the McArthurs ‘would have refused to make such a cake for any customer, irrespective of their sexual orientation’.”

The summation by Lady Hale of the situation is spot on.  Finally, a court gets it. It wouldn’t matter if a heterosexual individual who supports sodomite “marriage” walked into a Christian bakery requesting a cake saying “Support Gay Marriage,” a Christian would refuse to create such a cake based on their religious beliefs.  It is the message that is at issue.

Surprisingly, the McArthurs received support from British homosexual rights activist Peter Tatchell. Tatchell, a supporter of sodomite marriage, said he agreed the issue was more than a simple case of discrimination – the ruling against the bakery could imply that homosexual bakers would be forced, by law, to create cakes containing homophobic messages.  While Tatchell disagreed with the beliefs of the Archers, he supported their right to practice their beliefs in a “free and democratic society.”

This guy gets it.  Unfortunately, he isn’t here in the united States to help fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists and government thugs to understand the issue.  Neither is Lady Hale.

But, what we can garner from this is a global move to suppress, oppress, and eradicate Christianity from every corner of the world does exist.  Why?  The globalists fear what Christians could accomplish if banding together under the divine word of God and following the divine word of God.

While world nations cuddle up with the current Pope, suggesting the continued goodwill toward Christianity, the current Pope is far from following and preaching God’s word and counsel;  he is a global cartel puppet being used to subjugate Christians to their law first and God’s second.  Globalists believe government, particularly a one world government, should be one’s first “religion” and all others take a back seat.  Furthermore, they will use any means necessary to accomplish their goal.

As long as Christianity and Christians remain strong, covered in the armor of God and armed with His word, the globalist cartel plan to subjugate all to their whim will fail.  The case against the McArthurs and Ashers Baking Company proved it – God was on their side.  Furthermore, ten kudos go to Peter Tatchell who had the integrity, decency, and good character to admit when he was wrong.

As for the case against Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cake Shop here in the united States, Phillips is following God’s word – God is on his side.  The Colorado Civil Rights Commission would do well to contemplate, seriously, the reason the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom adjudicated in favor of the baking company – it is the message at issue, not sexual orientation or gender bender mental illness.  Not to mention, the united States Supreme Court upheld Phillips’ individual unalienable right to free exercise of his religion protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America.

Fringe extreme anti-constitutionalists would do well to remember that while government may be siding with their viewpoint right now, government would target them after silencing everyone else and creating an atmosphere of tyranny.  To be clear, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with what someone else believes or says;  it remains a God-given individual unalienable right to say it or believe it.  And, that freedom, protected by the First Amendment, should be defended regardless of who is exercising it.

Simply, if government performed its divine duty – protect the God-given individual unalienable rights of the citizenry, instead of working to appease every small extreme splinter group, we would have a true republic, not an oligarchy or democracy (mob rule).  These issues would not be happening because government would remind the population of individual rights and its duty to protect them.  However, that is not the case and government is intent on subjugating the majority to the minority.  But, if government and its sycophancy wants to turn us (Christians) into sheep and those wolves want to vote on what’s for dinner, then we would do well to be armed to contest their decision.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

The Washington Standard

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