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Unbelievable! New Zealand Now Fining Violators Of Tyrannical Face Mask “Law” Up To $700!

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The same criminal woman, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who sided with globalists to disarm her people, many of which went willingly along with it in the face of the Christchurch mosque shooting hoax is now advancing more tyranny on the people in the wake of new pretended legislation that would fine those that violate the color of law, without actually being law, according to God’s moral law, up to $700 US dollars, or roughly $1,000 NZD.

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Tyler Durden has the story.

During the same week Germany’s Merkel announced that across all but one German states a mandatory mask law will be backed by a 50 euro fine for any violators, New Zealand has announced its own nationwide mask mandate aboard all public transit amid a feared resurgence of COVID-19 cases, with a possible penalty for refusal of up to $1000 (NZD).

The small Pacific nation was previously celebrated as the first in the world to completely eradicate the virus after previously witnessing rapid community transmission. 

By the early part of August the Wellington government announced “we had beaten it” as new cases stopped being reported, and following the strict lockdown measures of months prior which had also involved shutting down the border for the island-nation.

Clusters of dozens of new cases began recently popping up again, however, after which the government ordered some 500 troops to border quarantine facilities to prevent the infected from breaching isolation order. Many blamed foreign travel.

Reuters summarizes that the “The Pacific nation of 5 million people had seemed to stop community transmission of COVID-19 due to tough lockdown measures but reintroduced restrictions in its largest city, Auckland, this month following a fresh outbreak.”

“With restrictions to scale back on Sunday, Ardern said in a Facebook post she was taking matters into her own hands before masks become compulsory on public transport across the country the following day,” the report continues.

The new mask mandate in effect this week applies to all buses, taxis, trains, fairies and planes. New Zealand media confirms that “From Monday, not wearing a mask on public transport will be punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 imposed by the courts, or a $300 infringement notice.” In New Zealand Dollars (NZD) this works out to a little under $700.

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And NZ Herald also writes:

But anyone caught by police not wearing one without a reasonable excuse could be instantly fined $300 or fined up to $1000 imposed through the courts.

However, authorities say they’ll opt for “light enforcement” initially, likely to include warnings before tickets are issued.

Thus far this is the steepest fine we’ve heard of as the controversial trend of monetary penalties for not wearing a mask in certain public venues increasingly becomes a trend across parts of the globe.

The people of New Zealand who just whimped out and turned their guns in are probably now cowering in fear if they are intent at all in not buying into the fear porn narrative they are being fed by the mainstream, New World Order media.  It’s going to take those who have resisted the tyranny to stand up in the name of the Lord and defend the liberty that still exists in New Zealand.Article asdfsadsfsgag

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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