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Unconscionable: Family Member & Advocate Shamed By Doctor For Voicing Accurate Information About COVID Experimental Injections

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There are times when it’s good to relay anecdotal stories that can show just how skewed some medical doctors have become in the days of CONvid-1984. We’ve seen documents indicating methods doctors are to use against those who are refusing to be “stabbed with the jab”. We know how that playbook goes. However, to see it in operation is absolutely stunning – and not in a good way.

Just so happens, a close family member had a telemedicine visit with their doctor. Fortunately, I was available for the visit. The patient complained of headache over the left eye, behind the left eye, and pain over the left cheek. Both eyes were watery. The left nostril stuffy and draining slightly. Present under both eyes were “allergic shiners”. There was no elevated temperature, cough, or respiratory distress. Given the history of the patient, the diagnosis was more than likely allergic rhinitis with possible infectious sinusitis. And, so began the doctor’s inquisition into possible COVID-19 symptoms.

It started with questioning the loss of taste and smell and progressed to questioning the lack of an elevated temperature. The doctor asked about being out in public. When that failed to meet expectations, the doctor latched onto the fact that the patient’s family member was responsible for shopping, store visits and other errands. Naturally, that morphed into the question “are you vaccinated” then “is your family member vaccinated”. When those answers were “no”, it was an immediate possible COVID.

The doctor’s diagnosis was met with great resistance, producing a change in demeanor. The doctor admitted the office was not seeing COVID-19 patients except in those that had been “vaccinated”. The push then was on to get my family member to take an injection, which was rejected. And, the family member said there would be no solicitation of anyone who ran errands to get one either. When the reason stated, by me, there would be no injections because the injection was still experimental, the doctor flatly stated it was not experimental and was FDA approved. We all know that is an out and out lie!

The family member pointed to an interview with the creator of the mRNA device for CONvid-1984 where he bragged about creating it in a matter of days. This doctor then proceeded to declare that the interview where the individual who created this injectable experimental mRNA for the fictional CONvid-1984 stated it was done in a matter of days was a “conspiracy theory” and not to believe every article out there peddling that information. So, this doctor called the creator of the injectable gene therapy a liar. The article was carried, not in any alternative media outlet, but a considered mainstream source.

Are you seeing the steps here that compare to the instructions doctors were given to coerce patients into taking the jab?

Next, the doctor tried to declare that a “vaccine” for “coronaviruses” have been around for 20 years and this is not new. UN – believable. Well, for anyone who has viewed “Hamner It Out” videos and read my work, you would know that mouth went immediately into motion with the statement, “That’s not true”. Naturally, the doctor declared it was because these “vaccines” have been worked on for 20 years. Of course, scientists have been “working” on them for 20 years but could not produce a viable product because the problem with Antibody Disease Enhancement (ADE) or pathogenic priming could not be solved resulting in the deaths of all the animals during viral challenge.

When that bit of information was presented to the doctor, it was ignored and labeled a “conspiracy theory” and me a conspiracy theorist. In other words, the long hours of information research accumulated over the last 17-18 months was dismissed and me labeled. Let me just say, the mouth didn’t stop there. I told this doctor to go back and do some research, which prompted the response that research was done. I then replied, “well, it wasn’t enough and you need to do more.” It was then I suggested this doctor read some works by prominent physicians who have researched this backwards and forwards, then sideways, crossways and upside down. Needless to say, the conversation was not going well so my family member said there’s no need to do that because there will be no injections coming this way for anyone.

It ended with a diagnosis of infectious sinusitis and a final statement from the doctor, “Well, I don’t think it’s COVID because we aren’t seeing a lot of that and when we do, it’s only in vaccinated people.”

In all fairness, the doctor’s practice is owned by a corporate hospital conglomerate that has bought up every small hospital within 50 miles of its central location in Atlanta. So, it’s safe to assume this doctor is repeating the spiel the hospital masters request he repeat and repeat for effectiveness. However, the last I checked, all human beings have a brain and are capable of using it. Too bad that many “highly educated” doctors choose to turn theirs off, engage in lying, labeling, and name-calling.

But, did you notice the mechanisms used on us?

First, it was to attempt a diagnosis of COVID-19 on the family member with infectious sinusitis. When that failed to pan out because the family member did not go out in public much, it was shifted to the possibility that the one who was running errands was the “vesicle” of COVID-19, particularly after discovering neither had received the experimental genome altering mRNA injectable medical device. After that failed, the doctor resorted to lying and labeling factual information as a “conspiracy theory” and name-called the one presenting facts a “conspiracy theorist”. In other words, this doctor was engaging in shaming of the patient’s advocate as well as the patient, while bald-faced lying to their faces. These are considered the “trusted” messengers China Joe engaged to “nudge” people into getting “stabbed with the jab”.

Unfortunately, this is the state of much of medicine these days – the CONvid-1984 and “Vaccination” system. Either you fall in line or you are a crazy “conspiracy theorist” spouting “conspiracy theory”, which in actuality is fact. The “snake entwined caduceus” worshippers calling themselves “doctors” – not all of course – would rather lie to patients, the families, and others while resorting to using pitiful methods of shame, name-calling and labeling to push an agenda peddled out by those who care not for anyone else but themselves. These “harbingers of hate” would rather “harm” than help or heal. Those, like this doctor, are soulless, Godless, uncaring individuals who should never have been allowed to practice medicine much less deserve being called by the title “doctor”. They are the “Stewards of Satan” masquerading as something they are not.

After this, those medical professionals who have succumbed to the pressure, taken the jab, and treated patients in this atrocious manner will see justice visited upon them in the near future. It would be as much as they deserve for abandoning their role as a patient advocate, neglecting their duty, engaging in malpractice, and pushing forth an agenda. When the truth comes out and it will as God promises, these caduceus worshipping Stewards of Satan deserve to be taken to court for medical malpractice, have everything they own awarded to their victims, and receive a swift justice through criminal Nuremburg trials. No one should accept the age-old defense of “I was doing what I was told”. It would be a slap in the face to use that justification to try and justify the unjustifiable.

No, there is no sympathy for any medical professional who engages in this type of interaction with patients and their families, not ever and won’t ever be. It is doubtful this doctor would ever read this, but just in case – be grateful God guided me not to use your name. The temptation was great to do so, but God conquered that temptation. For now, you can continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control, Anthony S. Fauci, the World Health Organization, your hospital guidelines, and whatever instructions you receive from your masters with relative obscurity. However, it is known that if you have done one patient and their family this way, you have done others. If it happens again in my family, I will not hesitate to call you out by name. I will gladly walk into a courtroom to be heard on this and other issues should you choose to pursue a lawsuit.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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