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Understanding Psychopolitics and a Re-Examination of the 45 Communist Goals Part 1-The Discrediting of Americanism

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By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step.

Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered communist state, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.

America is upside down. Her values and traditions have been completely destroyed and re-defined to the point that much of the population couldn’t define them.

The stigmatism of racism and bigotry have so successfully been attached to patriotism that many fear standing up for what they believe.

People know there is something wrong and attribute this non-sense to political correctness or a bunch of sissified liberals who demand that they live their lives without the discomfort of opinions they don’t like.

Many Americans fail to face the fact that this is a deliberate attack upon the psyche of our nation.

An attack designed to demoralize our people and change the very nature of human being. It is in fact, a full blown Psychopolitical assault and the end goal is the complete subversion of our culture and an American population that is so thoroughly weakened psychologically, that they willingly seek further government control of their lives.

In other words, a Communist takeover of the country is near completion without a shot being fired and the application of the Soviet Manual on Psychopolics was how it was accomplished.

What is Psychopolitics? It is an application of psychological warfare designed to breakdown the will of the people in a nation marked for conquest.

Global Communism has been the goal of the Communist movement since its inception and America is the one nation where the people have a governing structure that empowers them to resist.

We have the right to politically oppose our elected officials’ policies, the right to assemble, the right to bear arms. In other words, our Constitution was designed to protect and empower the dignity and free will of the individual human being.

To conquer America an enemy would have to defeat us militarily, which no country can do, or convince us to willingly accept Communism.

By working incessantly to create the impression that America is the problem in the world, they can then offer Communism as a solution.

The following are goals of the Communist Party which were originally published in a book called the Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen.

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

The main theme of these three goals is the discrediting of the United States, its founding and its culture.

Today, students in American universities are taught that America is a nation founded on unfairness, selfishness and bigotry.

Issues like wealth inequality are used to turn the idea of “all men being created equal” on its head.

The idea that the American founding revolved around the owning of slaves and the exploitation of another’s labor is used to present the founding as illegitimate while Communism, or Communitarianism, is offered up as a solution that will make everyone equal.

This is part of the demoralization process and it is designed to make people confused about the values they once believed in or at the very least, afraid to stand and defend them. Consider the following quote from the Manual on Psychopolitics, page 41.

Defamation is the best and foremost weapon of Psychopolitics on the broad field.  Continual and constant degradation of national leaders, national institutions, national practices, and national heroes must be systematically carried out, but this is the chief function of Communist Party Members, in general,* not the Psychopolitician. The realm of defamation and degradation, of the psychopolitician, is Man himself.

By attacking the character and morals of Man himself, and by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. 

This explains the constant attacks on the character of our nation by the media, academic institutions and certain government officials. In an effort to make people hate the constitution and display a desire for change they have deliberately turned America into a nation that oppresses instead of liberates, that discriminates instead of empowers and imprisons instead of enlightens.

Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsciaided in this effort by his understanding of Psychopolitics and Marxist principles.

The Communists, being frustrated that they couldn’t pit the so called proletariat against those that employed them needed a new way to bring about Communism.

Gramsci developed the theory of Counter Hegemony.

What this entailed was the creating of social groups that stood opposed to the influence exerted by the dominant social group.

To put it more simply, the dividing of Americans into different social classes was a deliberate act to cause conflict.

We are no longer an America united on the principles of liberty and justice but an America divided into groups where everyone thinks they are entitled to their own brand of social justice.
The one thing that these groups all have in common is that they are oppressed victims of America’s unfair economic system and blatant bigotry.

Examine the very first paragraph of this article again.

Understanding what is said here is imperative if you are to understand the real agenda.

In America today, we have scientific turmoil with lies of climate change and little boys using the girls’ bathroom in school.

We have economic depression looming over us with a national debt in the tens of trillions and trillions more in unfunded liabilities.

We have a welfare system that cannot support the needs of those dependent on it without taking more from the producing class.

Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, paid protestors hired to wreak havoc on our streets are intent on doing so in an effort to stir up conflict.

Finally, the redefining of our values and the labeling of anyone opposed to political correctness has created a mistrust for our neighbors.

All of this is done on purpose to bring this country to its knees and subdue the population into accepting its own demise.

The Communists believe in Darwinian evolution. It is their belief that man is an animal who needs to be programmed how to behave.

The idea that man has a will of his own is scoffed at and ridiculed.

Much of the Communist mindset has been developed through the mental science discovered by Russians like Pavlov.

They believe we are nothing more than an organism which operates on the principles of stimulus/response programming.

There is some truth to this assertion; however, man is more than that, much more.

The vast majority of Americans, despite this constant psychopolitical assault on our character, are still Christians.

We believe in the morals and values this country was founded on and when necessary, we will bind together to prove the lies wrong.

The media is in literal shock at the response of the average American to Hurricane Harvey.

If one were to believe the media’s depiction of America then they would assume that all minorities are being left behind and that LGBT Americans are being forced to drown in flood waters.

The truth is that the vast majority of us simply don’t care what social group the Communists and Psychopoliticians have assigned to you.

You’re an American and a human being and because of that, you won’t be left behind.

This is why we are still a country and the Communists haven’t won yet. This is why in the end, they won’t win.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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