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US Citizens Should Realize the US is Lost, Unless This Happens… & it has Nothing to do with Voting Republican or Democrat!

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American citizens who have been paying attention to what is going on in Washington, District of Corruption, realize what the Ryan Omnibus bill has sold the American public south. The sheeple and those who are oblivious to the activities in our nation’s capital do not realize that the united States is lost, unless Americans are willing to stop the insanity and chaos created by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah. There probably is not one person that hasn’t heard the phrase, “A house divided cannot stand.” Hussein Obama has succeeded in dividing this nation to the point it will not stand the onslaught that is about to besiege us.

According to author Diana West, America is witnessing an alignment of Democratic and Republican elites that work toward moving this nation toward socialism. Speaking with Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon, West stated the latest omnibus bill, costing over $1 trillion, reflects the priorities of the Democratic and Republican elite instead of real conservatism. She claims the budget deal is “the definition of what the party elites are, the people in power are, but I don’t think it’s the definition of what a conservative is.”

In the interview, West stated:

“There has been this movement really for 80 years in our history, of socialization….in terms of introducing the tools and mechanisms and practices of socialism into our economy, into our thinking, into our culture” West said. “Even on the right side of the spectrum there is very little consciousness that there’s anything else or that there ever was anything else. ”

West indicated there appeared to be an awakening among the American people and it’s time Americans made the choice for America to “be a country with, ‘sovereignty and with control over our representatives who are supposed to be working for us – the citizens, or whether we’re going to be sucked into the mob for collectivist internationalist globalist enterprise.”

Simply put, it is time for united States citizens to decide if they want to be a citizen of the nation established under the Constitution of the united States of America or a subject of a nation ruled by a monarchy, dictator or elite group of people who “rule,” not govern, based on their needs.

If readers remember, a while back I penned an article published at Freedom Outpost entitled, “Is What the Media Tells Us Truth or is there Another Plausible Explanation?” In that article, two statements were made telling readers, “What I believe or do not believe is irrelevant. What is relevant is the truth.” The problem right now is Americans do not know what the truth is, and honestly, they care not to find out. We, as a population, have grown arrogant, ignorant and self-serving, turning away from God in favor of our own misplaced superiority. Many, even in so-called conservative circles, were sucked into the disastrous web of collectivist internationalist globalist enterprise thinking.

If you’re getting mad, good; it means I’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. The question is “are you going to vent your anger toward the messenger or are you going to confront the problem and develop a solution?”

Here’s an excerpt from that article published in December of 2013 you might find interesting.

The truth is the Sandy Hook incident was used and exploited by every facet of government to enact gun control legislation, either at the federal, state or local level. Luckily, it failed at the federal level but Americans are witnessing increasing government attacks against the Second Amendment, with some successes in New York City, Connecticut, and California to name a few. But, the truth remains: politicians, including Obama, used this horrific incident involving children as a political tool.

If there is any doubt how the holocaust began, it was with the initiation of gun registration, which led to gun confiscation in Hitler’s Germany. An event was used to launch a violent attack on the Jewish community. What was that event? – a polish teenager, who was Jewish, shot a German diplomat in Paris. The diplomat was shot in Paris, not Germany; but, it was the excuse needed to initiate Kristallnacht. Hitler’s Nazis would not have known where to find the guns or who had them in the Jewish community had it not been for registration. Kristallnacht would not have been so easy to accomplish if the Jewish community had maintained the means to protect themselves.

The terrorist attack in San Bernardino is being used for Obama to issue additional restrictions on gun purchases through using the “no-fly” list. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is petitioning the Obama administration for that list to restrict then confiscate guns from those on that list. If you’ve been paying attention, you read Tim Brown’s article where he stated, “Though there are laws against the federal government maintaining a registry of gun owners, it appears the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is being used to create a national registry, and the feds basically admitted openly in news reports that they have been violating those laws.”

Knowing who has the guns is the first step to confiscation, which was warned against in 2013. You can poo poo and raspberry all you like that it will never happen; however, the “no-fly” list criteria is unknown and plenty have found themselves on that list without ever committing a crime. Once on that list, you have no due process rights to use in order to have your name removed. There is not one thing that prevents the federal government from adding anyone’s name to that list, then the State using it to confiscate firearms. So much for, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”

Confiscation will not be done en masse. It will be done a little at a time to acclimate the citizenry into thinking the government is taking weapons from potential terrorists. It will be law-abiding citizens who have never committed a crime that will have their firearms confiscated just because their name was on the list. When the federal government hits your neighborhood, there might not be anyone to stand with you, including the Sheriff. Criminals, law enforcement, the military, Secret Service, FBI and other government agencies will still have their weapons, but law-abiding citizens will not.

Warnings against any background checks to obtain a firearm went out only to be poo poo’d and raspberried by many. We, who were opposed, were called fanatics, unAmerican, and then activists in favor shouted us down assuring all it was for the security of society and no registry would be created from it. Well, so much for that.

We can all complain about executive orders not being law, claim civil disobedience and declare the unconstitutionality of it all. However, what are we doing about it? What did Americans do about background checks when it came up in Congress? The answer is obvious as background checks are required to purchase a firearm. Now, the government has a registry that was unknown to the people until recently. What have we done about it?

No one believes this important enough to descend on Washington. And, if you did, “the federal government has almost stripped away the First Amendment, enacting legislation that makes it illegal for Americans to protest, peacefully, in an area where members of the government, who are guarded by Secret Service, happen to be whether on official business or not.” Another slap in the face to citizens of this nation is, “‘Constitution-free zones,’ which are the areas within 100 miles of all borders of the United States, including oceanic borders.

So far, Americans are obeying all unconstitutional orders, have not challenged them with mass civil disobedience, and now face an America so divided, even in conservative circles and those supporting the Constitution, you would do well to gather a complement of people large enough to truly challenge these usurpations.

Property can be taken from you based on imminent domain or civil asset forfeiture. You’ll be paid a modest sum under imminent domain, if you’re lucky. Good luck getting property back under civil asset forfeiture.

And, with this new Ryan Rape bill, jobs held by American citizens are about to be passed to illegal alien invaders, imported individuals dubbed refugees, and foreign guest workers as employers will have more of an incentive to hire those people instead of Americans. Your taxes are being used to import these individuals into the nation, then support them through monetary handouts and access to social programs. The “fence” along the southern border has been kicked down the road once again. In the meantime, Ryan built a wall around his home, even though the public is told “walls don’t work to keep people out.” Read the excerpt outlining this bill carefully; then, read this article and let it all sink in for a bit.

Warnings about the politically correct speech and the effect it would have on this nation has been covered more than an old sofa. Elected officials and those in federal government agencies operate with impunity. Obama and his administration have committed criminal, illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional acts unhindered by a Congress that is complicit. The call for impeachment ignored. Warnings of this nation being “ruled” by a political bureaucratic wealthy elite oligarchy resounded all across the nation and the internet. The “Ryan Rape Bill” proves that is exactly what we have with the president now elevated to the position of dictator.

In conversations, I keep hearing about this “Joe Blow” person and how effective he is once he gets riled. Then, I hear about how “you don’t want to piss off the American public.” I’ve heard stories passed along from a few Germans after World War II about how rough Americans can be if you get them mad enough; it’s something you don’t want to happen, according to those who lived through the occupation by allied forces. That was a different age, a different time, a different America and a different American. It was a time when Americans believed in our exceptionalism, refused to apologize for our culture and way of life

All members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election. Some will be replaced while others will continue in their positions, re-elected by an American public filled with ignorance, arrogance, and socialist thinking. Too many people don’t know the contents of our founding documents, are too proud to admit it or too busy to bother, and if they do know, holdfast to what a politician or supposed “constitutional lawyers” tell them what it means. Many Americans hold to the fallacy the Supreme Court makes law and a president can end run around Congress. The political machine is so well-oiled elections will not change much except the players in the game.

The united States of America, as we know her, is lost, unless we ditch our arrogance, ignorance and pride, return to God through repentance, request forgiveness for our folly, and begin to unify across all divides to challenge the ones who seek to make us subjects instead of citizens. For, if we do not, a genocide is coming committed by government through unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful and criminal acts and we will be defenseless to stop it. Many warnings issued have come to pass and warnings are still being ignored. Poo Poo and raspberry all you want. It won’t change anything.

If you’re mad at the messenger and want to flame on, get busy with it. Remember, we’re all sitting at the computer doing the BGC instead of what we should be doing.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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