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US National Guard Muslim Member gets 11 Years in Jail for ISIS Plot/Support

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It bears nothing that details about the foiled terrorist plot of Mohamed Bailor Jalloh reveal the former member of the Army National Guard encouraged a “targeted” assassination attempt against internationally renowned human rights activist and anti-Shariah campaigner Pamela Geller….. more here.

11 years is hardly enough. He should be in Gitmo until the war is over and jihad is defeated.

Interesting, in all of these news reports, none mentioned that Mohamed Jalloh targeted me for death. The affidavit reads:

When discussing attack operations, JALLOH stated he knows such operations are “100 percent the right thing.” JALLOH then asked if CHS1 [Confidential Human Source] ever thought about targeted operations (targeted killings). JALLOH then identified a person by name who had organized multiple Draw the Prophet Mohammad contests in the United States. JALLOH provided the general location for this individual and described this individual as “evil.” JALLOH insinuated that this individual would be an ideal focus of a targeted attack because of his/her actions against the Prophet Mohammad. (more here)

As if this is not news? Targeting Americans for assassination for free speech violations under Islamic law is not news in the enemedia.



By Ananya Roy,

The US Department of Justice said on Friday (10 February) that a former Army National Guard member was given an 11-year jail sentence and five years supervised release for “attempting to provide material support” to terrorist group Islamic State (Isis).

Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, 27, of Sterling, Virginia, had pleaded guilty to the offence on 27 October, 2016. Court documents reportedly showed that he was inspired by the November 2009 attack at Ft Hood, Texas that killed 13 people and injured 32 others, and was “close to” carrying out a similar assault.

Jalloh reportedly said he was radicalised after listening to online lectures by Anwar al-Awlaki — a deceased leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, following which he decided to quit the Virginia Army National Guard. In March 2016, he was introduced to an IS (Daesh) operative in the US who was actually an FBI confidential human source (CHS).

Court documents also showed that the introduction took place after Jalloh made a six-month trip to Africa. He met with IS members in Nigeria and later began his communications online with the IS member who introduced him to the FBI undercover agent.

During his meeting with the CHS, Jalloh reportedly sought help in sending a donation to the jihadist group and later, provided a prepaid cash transfer of $500 (£400.40) to a fake IS contact provided by the FBI agent. Jalloh was later arrested when he unsuccessfully tried to secure firearms in North Carolina, the Justice Department said.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books


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