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Venezuela’s President Shows Socialist Hypocrisy

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When you talk to socialists, even those who would not espouse the name, they often speak of the poor. They will quickly use religion and pity to drive home their political views. This, for many, is hard to overcome, and will end with confusion and guilt. The reason is that we confuse the personal responsibilities we have with those of the civil magistrate.

There is no doubt that these disillusioned people sincerely want to better society and the lot of the poor. Yet, for most, history tells us that they are suffering from a sin condition. They are coveting the things the wealthy have and enjoy. Socialists do not have anything against the “good life;” they just think that they are entitled to it and would rather steal it from others rather than earn it themselves.

This shows through very clearly with the situation in Venezuela. As the people starve, their leaders live it up.

Fox News Latino reports:

Despite Venezuela’s growing economic crisis, President Nicolás Maduro spared no expense to celebrate Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday last Saturday.

According to opposition lawmaker Carlos Berrizbeitia, Maduro spent at least $400,000 traveling to Havana with a group of folk music artists to put on a concert in honor of Castro, the political mentor of late President Hugo Chávez and a close ally of Venezuela.

Now, some might be tempted to defend the president’s actions. After all, it was the birthday of one of the greatest villains of modern history. Why would this communist leader not blow the resources of starving people to celebrate his birthday?

To this, we must point out that this is not a onetime event. In fact, this is a very regular activity. According to FNL, President Nicolás Maduro is a jet setter.

FNL continues:

“There is just no justification for this kind of spending during an economic crisis like this one,” Berrizbeitia told FNL. “Senior officials should set an example of austerity and use financial resources to help the people.”

Maduro has traveled to 35 different countries in four different continents during his three years in office, according to a count by FNL. He has spent 134 days, more than four months in total, outside of Venezuela.

Once again, we see that Socialism is an economics of guilt and envy that destroys nations. It does so, while the leadership lives extravagant lifestyles. This is also the reason that most of these regimes end with the murder of their leaders.

How long before the people of Venezuela realize who has stolen their future?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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