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Viral Video Making “Cryptic Threats to Barack Obama” Plants Hidden Symbols in Viewers Minds

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The Internet is now ablaze with analyses of a creepy video that was revealed to have cryptic messages – including “images” encoded in layered audio tracks – some of which allegedly make death threats against President Obama.

It is not known if this bizarre video is an elaborate hoax or represents a genuine threat to the president, but the messages are certainly eerie. The sound track may be even more unsettling, with crunchy, jarring noise tracks, which analysts have found contain hidden elements as well.

Is this destined to become a social media meme, or does it represent a serious challenge to national security?

Watch this video… at your own risk. It may be disturbing on levels your conscious mind can’t even process:


Regardless of the meaning of this conspicuous video, its hidden messages are worthy of examination, and reminder that technology is capable of bypassing our primary senses (as demonstrated by placing graphics in audio

The Daily Mail reports:

The creepy footage features a figure in a medieval-style plague doctor mask and black robe who stands silently as strange noises play in the background.

It contains numerous cryptic messages which appear to reveal a sinister threat while even the name itself – posted in binary code and translated from Spanish – means ‘Death’.

Underneath the binary title is another encrypted message which reads as a warning: ‘You have one year or less.’

Conspiracy theorists … found GPS coordinates in the footage which relate to the White House while coded messages tell viewers to ‘Kill the President.’

There are also references to biological attacks, viruses and images of death which appear for a single frame, or part of a single frame, as well as what some claim are expressions in Morse code.

A flashlight pulsed by the person dressed in a plague doctor costume allegedly spells out ‘RED LIPSLIKE TENTH,’ an anagram for ‘kill the president.’

Is someone trying to trigger a killer who may or may not have been programmed to carry out an assassination? Again, no one can be sure of well, really anything about the video… but it certainly is disturbing.

Supposedly the utterly odd and disturbing video was found in a park and given anonymously a blogger who uploaded it from Poland, but has denied having anything to do with its creation or origins, perhaps adding to its intrigue.

One thing seems certain – it was not made by an amateur or a group of aspiring filmmakers. The high production value and use of subliminals – including grotesque images of death and torture inside the audio track (revealed by a spectrogram analysis) – point to a professional hoax, or perhaps a serious endeavor to meddle with the minds of its audience. According to the Daily Mail:

Another disturbing revelation was made by social media users who have posted pictures from what they claim is analysis from a spectrogram – an instrument which gives a visual representation of sound – which appears to show a woman being tortured.

Over a picture of her bound and gagged are the words ‘We are the anti-virus,’ according to Reddit users.

Another … creates a picture of a human skull. Text contained in the spectrogram image reads: ‘You are already dead.’

Why this was done remains up for debate… perhaps we will never know.

But like other viral Internet videos, even a hoax can drive world events. To name but one example, an anti-Islam video – with bizarre amateur production value – circulated the Internet and made a big splash just days before what turned out to be the Benghazi attacks on the American embassy. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and co. tried to blame the uprising and murder spree on the video, in spite of the facts:

President Obama and Hillary Clinton likely made the decision to falsely tie an inflammatory anti-Islam Internet video to the fatal Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya, the chief of the conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch (JW) told Breitbart News.


Obama officials and the president himself linked an anti-Islam Internet video to the attack, saying it incited the terrorists who carried out the assault.

Instead, what really happened at Benghazi is still being sorted out. What impact will this ‘death threat’ video assault on the mind have?

*Article by Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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