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Warren Touts Regulating Building Structures To Be Carbon Neutral & Other Fantasies To Cripple US

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It’s not difficult to spot presidential candidates from both unconstitutional parties who do not know the Constitution, if you, as a citizen, know the Constitution.  How?  Listen to their campaign rhetoric and compare it to the Constitution.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), presidential nominee candidate for the unconstitutional Democratic Party, announced on Wednesday that should she be elected, her administration would “mandate that any new buildings built from 2028 onwards must be carbon neutral”.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said Wednesday that her administration would mandate that any new buildings built from 2028 onwards must be carbon neutral.

“What scares me is every time you go back to the scientists, they tell you two things. It’s worse than we thought and we have less time,” Warren said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “That means we’ve got to be willing to do things, for example, like regulation. By 2028, no new buildings, no new houses, without a zero carbon footprint.”

First off, the party system is totally unconstitutional as there is no provision for parties in the Constitution.  Second, the election system in which citizens participate in order to “elect” the president and vice-president is in direct conflict with the Twelfth Amendment that details how the highest offices in the united States of America are to be determined.

The unconstitutional parties hijacked the election system in all States, with the cooperation of the States, that disparages citizens by preventing citizens who do not subscribe to “party politics” from voting in unconstitutional primaries.  And, States cooperate by only placing the two major party candidates on ballots by charging, in some cases, exorbitant fees to other candidates seeking office.  Many citizens are not even aware that candidates can be written in on the ballots.

There should be no need to discuss the hoax and farce of anthropogenic climate change to redistribute wealth from first world nations to third world nations.  It has been beaten to death.  If anyone doesn’t get it by now, they never will.  Warren is peddling an unconstitutional platform, period.  The Constitution for the united States of America gives no authorization to the federal government to “regulate” any type of buildings in this country.  That authority falls to the States or the people, respectively.  In fact, it is individual cities and counties that determine building codes.  But, knowing this, why is no one asking Warren how that is to be accomplished since there is no feasible way to “build” anything without a carbon footprint – whatever that means today since the definition keeps changing?

If that isn’t enough, Warren vows to regulate “light duty trucks and cars”.

Warren also backed regulation that would make light-duty trucks and cars carbon neutral by 2030, and all electricity production carbon neutral by 2035. Additionally, Warren said she would prohibit any new drilling either on federal lands or offshore, and promised to make “environmental justice” a major focus of her fight against climate change.

“We also need to make environmental justice really at the heart of our climate plan,” Warren said. “A central part of the plan for me is I want to put a trillion dollars into cleaning up the places that collectively we have destroyed as a nation and bringing them back.”

Sounds as though Warren backs the disastrous “Green New Deal” peddled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Warren lives in a fantasy world of “zero carbon” or “carbon neutrality”.  There is no such thing.  Moreover, she is under the impression that the federal government can own land.  It can’t, except for the land outlined in Article I, Section 8, next to last paragraph, in the Constitution for the united States of America.

Moreover, where in the Constitution for the united States of America does it give authority to the federal government over any type of utility commodity?  It doesn’t.  The Department of Energy is an unconstitutional agency, which the federal government created to usurp more power from the States and people.

She purports to back some form of “environmental justice”;  but, she doesn’t explain what that means nor does anyone ask her.  She claims she wants to clean up places “we have destroyed as a nation” and bring them back.  Does that mean she wants to “clean up” the places that government has tainted, such as the water supply on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam?  No one told any of us who were stationed there in the early 80s (1983 – 1985) the water was tainted or with what and to this day, it is still being cleanedAndersen AFB appears on the EPA Superfund list and is still being decontaminated.  Moreover, the DoD sprayed the soil with Agent Orange and other “herbicides” during the Vietnam War without disclosing the danger to service members’ civilian families who were and would be stationed there.  Eight years after being stationed on Guam, this writer developed breast cancer, which was resolved in one year, and my daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.  Can I prove my illness and my daughter’s was caused by being at Andersen AFB in the early 80s?  Not directly;  however, there was no family history of breast cancer in my family nor any history of Multiple Sclerosis on either my family or my husband’s family.

What kind of “justice” will Warren provide to those of us possibly exposed and injured by government recklessness and negligence?  It will be zero.  But, lawsuits being filed by former veterans and families could cost the taxpayers untold billions should they prevail in court.

In September, Warren vowed to end license renewals of existing nuclear plants and cease building new ones.

As Einstein once said about nuclear power, “It’s a helluva way to boil water”.  Nuclear energy is not pristine, environmentally friendly or safe, and certainly not safe around humans.  But, one cannot cease operation of nuclear power plants and replace them with unreliable “sustainable” energy production such as water, wind, or solar.  The same goes for coal-fired power production plants.  It would cripple the united States of America in every way imaginable.

The question to ask is, “Could these measures be implemented should citizens see an individual who supports such usurpations and unconstitutionality attain the presidency”?  The answer is yes since Obama did it.  There is a reason the States and/or the people maintained the majority of authority in the Constitution.  It is because each State and region is different and one-size-fits-all plans do not work.  More importantly, the scope of authority of the federal government was limited by the Constitution in order to prevent the development of a tyrannical, despotic government, which was to be held in check by the States and the people.  Because of our failure to hold the federal government’s feet to the original tenets of the Constitution, hold the individual States accountable for “selling out” to the federal government, and to retain our superiority to the federal government in areas authorized to us, the citizens of this once free republic are now reaping what we have sown.

Let me leave you with this little tidbit.  While these politicians tout having a “carbon free” or “carbon neutral” America, what do politicians intend to do with us humans and animals who expel carbon dioxide and methane?  Methane is a single carbon atom attached to four hydrogen atoms.  As long as humans, including politicians, occupy this earth, there will be no way to get to a zero-carbon footprint or be “carbon neutral”.  Anyone thinking that is a possibility is an ignorant, braindead moron.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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