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Was Coronavirus a “Plan-Demic” As Part Of Population Control? These Videos Certainly Make One Consider That Possibility

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A friend who covers news on vaccinations sent me a series of videos that were posted in early November 2019.  However, they were recorded at an event that took place on October 18, 2019.   The first Wuhan case was recorded in December 2019.

They discuss the coronavirus and its effects.

Keep in mind, I’m not asking if this is a pandemic.  That has already been established.

I’m asking is this a “Plan-demic.”  Was it, in fact, planned?

Mostly, those in the videos speak with regards to the economic impact versus actually aiding those who are sick, but nevertheless, several see government intervention, even hinting at martial law, as the solution when for the most part, it has been the problem.

The obvious question that should be asked, given that many of those organizations and entities promote population control and even depopulation, is this coronavirus weaponized for the purpose of depopulation?

So far, we know this:

We also know this:

The series of videos was provided via YouTube by the Center For Health Security.

According to the description:

Event 201 is a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.

The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.

Drawing from actual events, Event 201 identifies important policy issues and preparedness challenges that could be solved with sufficient political will and attention.

These issues were designed in a narrative to engage and educate the participants and the audience.

Here are the videos.  Judge for yourself whether coronavirus was planned or just happened organically.

Additionally, we’ve reported on whether or not governments are putting the boot down on the people as hinted at in these videos.

Again, you judge for yourself whether or not that is the case.

And now, we are dealing with it in the US.

However, probably the most curious thing about the coronavirus is in the parts of the world that don’t large numbers of medical facilities or records that can be easily checked.  This commenter points to that very problem in determining just how widespread this virus may have gotten and no one would be the wiser about it.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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