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Call To Wuhan Hospital For Help Gets This Response: “No Medical Staff Anymore. They Are Dead Or Sick!”

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Editor’s Note:  I verified with my source in China that the translation is correct, although he admits that some of what is said is difficult to make out. He also says the woman answering the phone sounds frustrated and that what she is saying to the woman that called could be to get rid of her due to how busy things are. I’ll let the reader judge.

Update: After going to several sources in China, my source said another man who speaks fluent Chinese said, “I may doubt this is not true. The government is very sensitive about the issue. And they won’t make up news this time cuz it’s related to a country. I may think someone may make up the audio. Cuz if someone is having fever they will immediately report to an app that the government launched couple of weeks ago and people will take them to the designated hospitals immediately. Won’t via phone or nurse.”

My friend indicates his source believes this is a setup.

Below you will hear an audio of a woman calling a Wuhan hospital and pleading for her sick husband.

If we are to trust the translation, you will hear this starting at the 1:57 mark.

We don’t have doctors!

What lining up for injection?

If you can line up for injection you are lucky enough!

No medical staff anymore.

They are dead or sick!

What can lining up for injection solve?

You are lucky to be able to line up for injection.

Several of us nurses have been locked up in quarantine.


What a grim picture this paints of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s the audio/video with subtitles.

Tens of millions have been reported quarantined.

Almost 1000 have died if we can trust the official numbers.

Is this an Armagedden-level pandemic?

I am a political writer and people come to my websites to read about Trump and Dirty Democrats.

I can’t, however, hear an audio like this and justify ignoring it.

The audio might be totally fake but I suspect it’s not.

There are too many leaks coming out of China now and this Coronavirus pandemic seems many times worse than we are hearing in the mainstream.

My first allegiance is to the people of America.

My family is currently discussing what we can do to prepare and yours should too.

In 2020 we all need to start thinking like crazy preppers.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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