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Washington DC vs. America (Spoiler: America Wins!)

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I explained why the Bundy circus will not change anything. I explained why the Second Amendment is not the tip of the spear in America’s war against the lawless Washington DC.

Now I’ll explain our plan of action. AmericaAgain! is not politics but true popular sovereignty gained in six steps, the first three taken together, this year:

  1. Finally ratify the original First Amendment, limiting congressional districts to 50,000 people
  2. Restore the Founding Fathers’ homeland security, constitutional Citizen Militia
  3. Restore all State lands to the States, retaining federal buildings, vehicles, equipment and aircraft
  4. Bring Congress home forever
  5. AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to track them daily and enforce the Constitution
  6. Our 21 additional reform laws to take back all that D.C. has stolen from America

The whole plan of restoring our rule of law and civilization will probably take a generation. It begins with sincere repentance on a personal level, by all of us. But it takes action; it takes duty, too. This new way of life called AmericaAgain! begins now, not next January when Trump takes office only to realize that Washington D.C. will stop him at every turn.

After our 8-year R&D process of over 25,000 hours by 24 volunteers, AmericaAgain! is ready to move into action in our 2016 offensive campaign. We will succeed when we build our numbers. Just 5,000 members can turn the tide of history. With just 100 active members in a given state, we will flood state legislators’ email in-boxes and switchboards and keep a full-court press on social media, forcing them to stop violating the law.

Before that, even 2,500 members will allow us to launch our moderated community and tactical planning center, and allow us to put two full-time field teams on the ground to push our first shock-and-awe campaign:

  1. Ratification vote for the original First Amendment (28th Amendment) cuts districts down to 50,000 people; the first step to take Congress out of DC forever. That amendment has been awaiting ratification for 226 years, and is already ratified by 11 States.
  2. Pass a State Sovereign Lands Act in every State legislature. The State reclaims all of its public lands within its borders in the name of the People of the State; orders all federal employees off State public lands and out of public facilities within the State within six months. Per Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution, the State retains all lands, resources in, on or under the land and all other physical assets, vehicles, equipment, firearms, etc on State lands or in facilities within the State, except military facilities purchased or leased from the State with approval of the State Legislature. No federal sale or transfer allowed of land, facilities, natural resources, vehicles, aircraft, equipment, etc will be allowed during the transition.
  3. Pass a Minuteman Act in every State legislature, stipulating immediate approval for volunteer Citizen Militia with local units in every town of 500+ residents within six months; firearms and ammunition at citizen expense; uniforms, tactical gear, training and logistics at State expense; first appointment of officers within 120 days; Citizen Militia specifically barred from deployment outside the 50 sovereign United States and from any action violating the U.S. Constitution.

This is the only comprehensive plan of action in America. See the entire plan in this free PDF book.

The first action you can take right now, today, is to SIGN UP.

Second action: spread the word on social media and to your church family: Washington DC is America’s enemy, and the American People have had all we’re going to take. Now we have a plan of action for every community in this republic!

Donald Trump? He’s just the tip of the iceberg; most of his life he was a flaming liberal. The Donald can’t save America, but he does have his finger on the angry pulse of millions. Today is a time for repentance and righteous anger; abortionists, homosexuals and Washington D.C. have had their day, transmogrifying America.

Now it is America’s turn.

This is OUR land. These are OUR homes and families. This is OUR culture and civilization. Now we will take it back, by faith in Jesus Christ our LORD. All of us millions; we normal folks who usually just stick to our work at home, shop, or field to raise our kids and pay the bills – well, now we will rise up in every community in this blessed republic. We will stand together with the first plan of action in over a century.

Washington D.C. beat us for 150 years. Now, America wins.

*Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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