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A Call to Duty: The Pro-Gun Movement Must Focus on What the Second Amendment if Talking about – A Citizen Militia

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In five articles this week, I will first explain why the Second Amendment movement has done more harm than good.  Next, I will demonstrate the constitutional connection between the longstanding arguments about firearms, militia, and Western lands.  Then, I will demonstrate how NRA and GOA have never actually worked to restore constitutional homeland security.  Finally, I will invite you to join an exciting action and new way of live whereby We The People arrest federal and state lawlessness and finally do our duty as American citizens, the top layer of government over our Constitution.

The domestic war of Washington D.C. vs. America began during the presidency of Lincoln – the most destructive president in American history.  As explained in this past Freedom Outpost article, if you still think Lincoln was a great president, you are a victim of Washington D.C. brainwashing.  Read any of the books cited in that linked article, and you will begin to see the real Abe Lincoln, the real Washington D.C., and its war against America.

To turn the war, We The People must first build critical mass behind a full-spectrum plan of national defense, to restore our rule of law.  Even a mere 25,000 citizens on the same tactical page, can work wonders.  We will explain the tactical plan of action in all 50 states to address state lawlessness respecting Citizen Militia, and federal servants occupying and claiming public lands that have always belonged to the sovereign states.

In his classic work The City of God (410 A.D.), Augustine of Hippo asked, “When there is no justice, what then is the role of the state, but a band of robbers expanded?”  That describes our arrogant, lawless servants in countless federal agencies, bureaus, departments and programs that we never authorized in the Constitution.  Today, we put up with armed renegades on our own payroll; lawless servants wearing big hats that we paid for, driving government vehicles that we paid for!

We The People must apply tactical wisdom and a long-term plan of action; a new way of life fit for responsible sovereigns.  Until we do, the world will continue to witness this ridiculous American theater: standoffs between lawless, ignorant public servants and their lawless, ignorant sovereigns – neither of whom appear to have a clue about the Constitution.

James Madison, Father of the Constitution, was well aware of the danger to American liberty when in his notes on the Constitutional Convention he wrote, “As the greatest danger to liberty is from large standing armies, it is best to prevent them by an effectual provision for a good militia”.  Two years later, during the debate on ratifying the Bill of Rights, Massachusetts congressman Elbridge Gerry said, “Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”

We suffer arrogant tyrants in local, state and federal offices – our own servants whose paychecks, uniforms, vehicles, and meals come from Congress skimming OUR payroll accounts!  Why do we continue to fund such lawlessness instead of performing our Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 duty to be armed, trained, and ready to “execute the laws of the Union…”?  Because most Americans were raised by government schools while their parents watched television and pursued their hobbies.  We are no more fit for self-government, and for governing our public servants, than the average Russian or Mexican.  We may balk at that comparison, but that does not negate the fact. 

Ammon Bundy and his well-meaning band of brothers descending on a wildlife refuge in Oregon are only making things worse.  Calling themselves ‘Citizens for Constitutional Freedom,’ they are certainly not operating by the Constitution.  If these brothers were for the Constitution, they would be in their respective state legislatures right now, with dozens of their fellow state sovereigns, pushing a Citizen Militia bill through their legislature, to end its longstanding violation of the Constitution.

Despite a large number of unorganized militia groups here in Texas, our legislature is still daily violating the Constitution in this regard.  We cannot expect ignorant political suits with shiny shoes in our statehouse to appoint the officers for our Citizen Militia, or to provide for “training the Militia, according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”.  That is the law; Article I, Section 8, Clause 16.  Your state legislature is violating it every day.  You’re not helping.  I will walk you through that process in Part 5 of this article series.

It has always been our legal authority – and our duty – to arrest this critical violation of the Constitution by our state legislatures.  Yet we have never even considered doing it; instead, we attend the occasional ‘event’, then return home, leaving our lives and property to the safekeeping of snakes in suits, nesting under a granite dome in our state capitol.

The Bundy Bunch confuses matters as badly as the arrogant, ignorant public servants do; and the anti-gun, pro-Nanny State media and limp-wristed metrosexuals just eat it up.

About 80 million citizens own firearms in America.  But very few of them are military-grade arms suitable for Citizen Militia use.  And very, very few of these gun owners are prepared or trained to protect their homes and communities in a crisis, much less are they members of their local Citizen Militia unit, because our state legislatures are violating Clause 16, as noted above.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a rational, lawful, peaceful plan of defense for our constitutional rule of law.  We can re-train and re-task our lawless public servants at the state level, and shut down the huge federal bureaucracies that exist in open violation of the Constitution.  But to do that, we first have to overcome our ignorance of the Constitution, stop shooting ourselves in the foot and giving our enemies all the ammunition they need – and move into action.  Stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow.
*Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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