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Washington: Muslim Migrant Rapist of Grade-School Girl Jumps Bail, GETS ON PLANE TO DUBAI

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This is a pattern. Like the Idaho case of a Muslim migrant gang raping a 5 year little girl, there is no justice. The Muslim rapists get special treatment, and the victim is victimized again and again by the authorities.

A Muslim migrant in Washington State repeatedly sexually attacked and raped a “grade school” girl. The reporter is not releasing her age – she must be terribly young. The rapist, Khalid Fathey was freed on his personal recognizance since being charged with the sex crimes in May 2015. Why didn’t the prosecutor withhold his passport. Of course, this savage bolted.

After Khalid Fathey was caught by the victim’s mother, Fathey called his imam, who had them sit down together with the girl’s parents, court documents said. Fathey admitted to the inappropriate touching but would not elaborate, documents said.

The girl’s mother fainted during the meeting, and police were called.

Why didn’t the imam go directly to the police?  Why wasn’t the imam charged?

When subsequently questioned by authorities,  Fathey accused the little girl of lying.

The reporter who wrote up this story subtly takes the side of the rapist and portrays him as the victim.

Judge Vic VanderSchoor (photo above) issued a nationwide arrest warrant Monday for Khalid A. Fathey after the former Kennewick man failed to show for his Benton County Superior Court trial on three sex crimes.

If anyone knows the family, have them contact me at [email protected]

“Kennewick rape suspect flies to Dubai days before trial,”

Kristin M. Kraemer: 509-582-1531, @KristinMKraemer

Arrest warrant issued after no-show in court

Grade-school girl ready to testify

The Washington Standard

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