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Wasting Our Children’s Minds – How STEM, SEL & Sex Are Being Used Against Them

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we know that beyond ANY shadow of a doubt the ‘wasting our children’s minds’ reform is based GLOBALLY, not locally, here in the USA.

We’ve witnessed math go down the drain; we’ve experienced logic and critical thinking to be mere shadows of what really matters; history has been re-written to suit agendas; science has become a god to be worshipped and adored, because science is to be trusted more than people.

We’ve seen teachers become conformed and sell out to this type of education reform; while we’ve seen others walk away in disgust to join the millions of parents protesting. 


We have witnessed the plethora of misinformation telling us CCSS (Common Core State Standards), CTE (Career Tech Education)CCR (College and Career Readiness)STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and Math) will all somehow make us better Americans competing in a global world.

We’ve heard the massive amounts of media attention (all forms) scream how Americans can be better educated by using other countries curriculum, tests, models, or systems.

WHY? Because STEM/STEAM is THE global king-pin knocking our nation’s education down! It isn’t about being American, it’s about being global.

If we each had a dollar every time ANY American starting shouting ‘We need to be more like Finland (or any other country) !’, we’d all be wealthy. It’s absolutely WRONG to be like the other countries!


WHY? Because we’re Americans. We should have an exclusive American education. We are NOT to be carbon copies of other countries. However, by looking at how much of a waste other countries are finding the same aligned educational resources we have, we SHOULD be receiving a wake up call! I hope this article is that wake up call for you. I pray it’s a wake up call for someone who isn’t aware of what’s going on. 

Shouting to be like the other countries tells those of us fighting to keep American education based here in America one thing: the CCSS Machine’s global snow-job is working.

Think about it, Warriors, we were globally competitive for many, many years now. That hasn’t stopped.

Somehow the false idea that we haven’t been globally competitive has been chanted by our federal government. It’s been echoed by the global CCSS Machine, too.

So, in order to BECOME globally competitive, we saw educrats and corporate cronies from the CCSS Machine take over our education system. They’ve successfully knocked it down to rubble, too. Expect tons more in the 116th congressional Session, too.

HOW? Agenda filled laws like WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) which ‘married’ education and labor like never before. Or ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)which relabeled the train wreck NCLB (No Child Left Behind) (both of these are also based off ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act). How about HEA (Higher Education Act)? Yes, that one, too.

Then, factor in the STEM Act of 2015 and the hundreds of laws and bills which even remotely connect to education.  (*Note: an example of such would be the recent passage of HR 2, or the newest Farm Improvement Act. Of special note, in 2017, Bill and Melinda Gates gave a joint interview to the National Geographic Magazine (also sold out to STEM and CCSS). In that interview, Bill Gates was using the example of impoverished countries rising above by combining healthcare, education, and agriculture. However, when you take into consideration America is NOT impoverished, how will a law like HR 2 impact us? CONTROL of healthcare, education, and agriculture!)

Also, agenda filled education (about becoming global citizens) fills not only the laws, but the contents of the resources. Resources used in ALL SCHOOL CHOICES. Furthermore, these laws impact ALL U.S. Citizens!

Since ESSA, we’ve seen a huge increase in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and other types of education takeover which have ZERO business in schools.

SEL is also a globally mind wasting effort, not only for Americans, but other countries as well.

Where are the true ‘academics’ in this description?


SEL attacks values/attitudes/beliefs of the countries it’s used in.

SEL mis-educates about mental health, sex, families, and other topics.

It leaves a message of nanny-state acceptance and control in its wake.

For most of the SEL agenda to be carried out, it’s been labeled ‘comprehensive’ (As in ‘comprehensive sex ed’ or ‘comprehensive health education’. That way mental health, sexuality, etc. are easily embedded.)

Look at CA’s targeting of 3rd graders (based off Canada’s ‘comprehensive’ SEL) or the UK’sEvery one of these twisted agendas has been found in the US, one way or another!

SEL breeds conformity, not individuality! SEL  also manipulates by the global social justice of the CCSS Machine.



Often times, you’ll find corporate foundations or social impact companies behind SEL. If they’re not behind it, they’re certainly promoting it. Almost exclusively through education, too.

Nippon Foundation, Japan, and Sex Ed:

Warriors, we know that sex is an important part of who we are as people. We also know that there are appropriate ways to teach it, as well as inappropriate ways. The CCSS Machine has mastered the latter and totally buried the former. We’re seeing Americans pitted against each other over sexuality (which is combined in SEL, too.).

However, Japanese students have voiced what millions of our students, here in America, have voiced: That CCSS aligned education is mindless, boring, dumb, stupid, and, a waste of their time. Warriors, it’s also a waste of our taxpayer dollars!


Warriors, here’s the link to the Japanese Times article for the sex ed survey. Please note that not only are the students being considered adults (even though they are teens) the national age to become an adult has recently been lowered to 18. In 2015, Japan lowered its voting age to 18. In this brief article, it’s revealed the Nippon Foundation conducted the survey on-line, so finding a copy of exactly what was asked of the teens is not available. Nippon has an article of their own showing the Japan Family Planning Association (part of the IPPF, International Planned Parenthood Foundationis seeing a change in those who are married and sex. Take 3 minutes and watch the IPPF’s Framework from 2016-2022. Then access the PDF, here. (This is from Page 4, the bottom of the page, not shown, has social inclusion as the first priority.)


From the Japanese Association for Sex Education, a 2017 Report (page 2, below) says the sex education in Japan is poor. Look at the suggestion of WHY that is:


I urge you to read the 14 page Report. Six generations of Japanese citizens were used to create the data shared. You’ll also see a good timeline of Japanese education history. (*Note: because the UK based Taylor and Francis published this report, it’s being used world-wide as a look at how to ‘tweak’ sex education.)

**What about sex ed in America? It’s just as useless and toxic. What CCSS Machine member organization is helping push this? The CDC!! (I’ve written how the Centers for Disease Control are working with the Big Pharma, Big Biz, and Biz Insurance to shove SEL(which includes sex education) at every single citizen in our nation.)**

Warriors, as much as we see sex education being used as a tool to create total tolerance and breed discrimination against tradition, beliefs, attitudes, and values, we’re also seeing much of the social justice rhetoric  pushing for lowered voting ages. Also being batted about by the social justice groups: increasing retirement age. Think it’s a coincidence? No, it’s a global push from the UN (United Nations) as part of the CCSS Machine.

Here’s an excerpt from the “Who We Are” Section of the Nippon Foundation:

Our mission is social innovation. Through this innovation we aim to achieve a society where all people support one another, reducing the burdens and challenges they face together. Everyone has a role to play: citizens, corporations, nonprofit organizations, governments, and international bodies. By forging networks among these actors, The Nippon Foundation serves as a hub for the world’s wisdom, experience, and human resources, giving individuals the capacity to change society—the hope that they can make a difference. Our goal is to give all of humanity the chance to participate in creating our future.”

Nippon Foundation awards grants, like so many of the CCSS Machine Foundations here in America. Nippon also will track these 17-19-year-old students/adults via long-term surveys. Here’s the link to the ‘love and marriage’ survey(*Note: that the subject of work and retirement is also addressed. You’ll see Japan’s government is trying to raise their age limit.)

The Chairman (Yohei Sasakawa) of the Nippon Foundation is also connected to the World Health Organization (another huge CCSS Machine member organization pushing SEL, sex ed, and social justice). Nippon has also worked with the Gates Foundation and USAID. Both are also key in CCSS Machine(*Note: Gates and USAID are a perfect example of the public private partnerships wasting our students’ minds.)


(Source of screen shot)

Again, Warriors, consider Bill Gates’ message about combining health, education, and agriculture, “But it’s when you get those three things together—health, education, agriculture—that eventually these countries can become self-sufficient.”

Now, add to that a man (Sasakawa) who is the head of an international group being called a force to be reckoned with.

The 2020 Olympics Are In Japan:

Much of what the Nippon Foundation does impacts special needs, the group has partnered with the Tokyo 2020 Organizers for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

Warriors, I’ve reported to you, previously how sold out to the ‘greater global good (as well as the CCSS Machine) the Olympics have become. I’ve also shown you how the Special Olympics (not directly related) use biometrics to data track those with special needs. How? Through Microsoft(*Note: the highlighted “Olympics” article is a great all in one resource of how Gates/WHO/UN, etc. connect.)

Are you seeing a pattern yet?!

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Goalkeepers (a direct agenda to align everyone with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are also partnering with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. If you’ve followed my research long, you know I’ve shown you how sports is being used to align us to the global agenda. However, look at the boldness of the recent Gates Foundation Press Release:



Warriors, I hope you can see that by being constantly compared to everyone else, we are losing ourselves.

As citizens, as a nation, and as humans.

Constantly hearing that our education should mirror other countries is treason, especially when it comes from the federal level via programs and initiatives. For example, the 115th Congress had this sexual education mandated conformity ‘hidden’ within legislation.  How was it ‘hidden’? The words “Real Health Education”.

Article posted with permission from Lynn Taylor

The Washington Standard

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