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What Really Happened in Waco? 106 People Indicted in Biker Bloodbath, No Murder Charges

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This event still has provocateur footprints all over it…

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It took the grand jury in McLennan County, Texas, nine hours to hand down charges against 106 bikers arrested after nine people were killed in a shootout at a Twin Peaks in Waco last May.

The odd thing is, none of them have been charged with murder, or even simple assault. All have been charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity.”

Of the nine people killed, it is (somehow, strangely, after all this time) still unclear who shot them: the bikers or the police.

All told, 480 weapons were found in the bar after it was over, including 151 guns. Police arrested 177 bikers at the time in what authorities claim was a confrontation between the Bandidos and the Cossacks motorcycle clubs.

The grand jury will meet again on November 18 to consider charges against a remaining 80 bikers.

Six of San Antonio-based attorney Jay Norton’s clients were indicted Tuesday. He said that based on the pretrial discovery materials he had reviewed in the case, there was a “serious lack of evidence” to indict 106 people.

“This is amazing and truly scary. We do not understand what the district attorney’s office is doing, but it’s not about reality,” he said. (source)


*Article by Melissa Dykes

The Washington Standard

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