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Whatever Happened To Limited Government?

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Have you heard the old saying that only two things in life are certain, death and taxes?  Well,

I’m going to boldly, without permission, add the following item to the list.

You can be certain that, no matter where you reside, government will continue to grow.

There is no need to reflect back to this nation’s founding and the role that the Federal Government played during that period, for comparing things than to today would depress the majority of us, I have no doubt.

Budgets increase and spending follow closely behind, as government continues to consume a larger and larger amount of its citizen’s wealth.

The government in Montana is no different.

Bob Keenan is a Republican Montana Senator representing HD 5, which covers the Bigfork Area

Bob stopped by my office studio in Kalispell, Montana to reflect upon the recently ended 2019 Montana legislative session, the video of which can be accessed below.

Article posted with permission from Jim White

The Washington Standard


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