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What’s So Funny About Jihad Mass Murder?

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What’s so funny about jihad terror, sharia, female genital mutilation, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, Islamic Jew-hatred, and kuffarophobia?

Apparently, to terror-tied American Muslim groups, a great deal.

Muslim “comedian” Dean Obeidallah writes in Mediaite: “For years the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been challenging the anti-Muslim hate spewed by the likes of Donald Trump, Pam Geller, and Frank Gaffney by taking an earnest, serious approach to the issue grounded on facts. (Not that the bigots care about facts.) But now CAIR is trying a new weapon: comedy.”

Obeidallah goes on: “That’s why on Wednesday, CAIR’s national office unveiled a humorous approach to counter anti-Muslim bigotry centered on the product they created named ‘ISLAMOPHOBIN.’ Think an anti-anxiety drug designed for people freaked out at the slightest sight or mention of Muslims. (That’s basically about 70 percent of GOP primary voters.)”

People who are “freaked out” about Muslims are “freaked out” about bombings, beheadings, and bloodshed in the name of Allah. Why do terror-tied groups like Hamas-tied CAIR and their lapdogs like Dean Obeidallah attack the victims of jihad and sharia? Why don’t Muslim groups in America institute programs to stop jihad recruiting in U.S. mosques? Where are they teaching against the ideology that gives rise to Islamic terror?

Instead, they ridicule the victims. They make jokes. And they are so very bad at it: Obeidallah’s politically-motivated, manipulative Muslims-Are-Victims comedy shtick is the least funny comedy act since the presidential candidacy of Mike Dukakis. And CAIR trying to be funny is like a funeral director doing stand-up. So. Not. Funny.

“The product,” writes Obeidallah, “comically offers ‘multi-symptom relief for chronic Islamophobia.’ And ISLAMOPHOBIN promises that it will treat various symptoms such as an ‘Irrational Fear of Muslims,’ ‘Blind Intolerance’ and ‘U.S. Presidential Election Year Scapegoating.’ (We need to get Trump a box of this product stat!)”

So Hamas-tied CAIR has created a “pill” to cure Americans. Cure them of what? Of reason, logic, and a normal repulsion to jihad terror. How about a pill to cure devout Muslims of Islamic supremacism, as well as of hatred of the kuffar and a desire to behead them?

CAIR’s “Islamophobin” commercial features “a young white guy looking at his Muslim neighbor, who is simply gardening. All of sudden the white guy sees his neighbor as an ISIS-type figure yelling, ‘Allah Akbar.’ We also see other examples of people freaking over everyday Muslim Americans. But then they take ISLAMOPHOBIN and voila! They then see the Muslims for what they are: typical Americans just living their lives.”

CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper comments: “We hope that humor can help create public awareness about the rising level of anti-Muslim bigotry in our nation that has unfortunately been mainstreamed by public figures like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and others.”

I am sure that Colleen Hufford, who was beheaded in Oklahoma City (the devout Muslim suspect is awaiting trial), and the Christmas partygoers who were gunned down by two devout Muslims in San Bernardino, and our soldiers in Chattanooga who were murdered by a jihadi are rolling on the floor laughing.

Obeidallah claims that “anti-Muslim bigots really hate having people laugh at their own campaign of hate. I witnessed this first hand with the comedy documentary I co-directed with Negin Farsad titled The Muslims Are Coming! that used stand-up comedians to counter anti-Muslim hate.”

I have no problem with this sinister deceiver laughing at my campaign. What I have a problem with is the New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority enforcing a sharia prohibition on my ad while this sad clown’s deceitful ads run all over the city. That is not American. That is not the freedom of speech. That is the enforcement of sharia in America. Of course, Obeidallah is laughing as they are imposing Islamic law in America in an end run around the First Amendment. He is laughing at us all.

“The anti-Muslim peeps like Pam Geller went ballistic over this,” Obeidallah said, veering farther into fantasy: “penning articles claiming we were waging a ‘stealth jihad’ through comedy. (I’m not kidding!) I guess to them our movie was about ‘Imposing sharia law – one joke at a time.’ For the record, neither I nor any Muslim American I know wants to impose Islamic law in America. But as we have seen recently in states like Mississippi, North Carolina, and Oklahoma, many conservative Christian Republicans want to impose Christian sharia law to control women and punish the LGBT community because they believe it’s mandated by the Bible.”

Now that’s funny. Obeidallah says that he doesn’t want to impose sharia law, when his entire raison d’être is to impose Islam. He and his fellow goosesteppers invoke the freedom of speech to kill the freedom of speech. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so deadly. It’s to laugh, it’s to cry.

All I want to know is where is this cynical, manipulative, and misleading commercial is being shown. I want to buy some ad time to counter the deceit. Will that be allowed, or have CAIR and its cohorts already eroded the freedom of speech to a point where opposing voices will be silenced?

Article reposted with permission from PamelaGeller.com

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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