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Why Doctors Cannot Admit Vaccines are Bad

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I cannot help but notice that when people start talking about vaccines, many of them start with: “I am not an anti-vaxer.” Many of these people I like and respect, but I do not think they realize what that statement really says. To understand this, we need to think of how we talk about problems in other situations to see the difference, and what it shows.

If we use cars as an example, when the Ford gas tank scandal happened, people did not start the discussion of exploding gas tanks burning people to death with: “I am not an anti-car.” No it was understood that if a car manufacturer hid evidence that showed they knew their gas tanks exploded and burned people to death, but not enough people to make it unprofitable to use those gas tanks, that we could just start the conversation with: “They are greedy evil people who care more about money than not burning people to death.” No need for: “I am not an anti-car or I am not an anti-Ford.”

However, that is not the case with vaccines. Even Dr. Simone Gold use to mention: “I am not anti-vaccine”, and then she would list all the vaccines she has taken. I like Dr Gold, and respect her a lot. However, the fact that she said that shows a greater problem. Yes, Dr. Gold now says calling people anti-vaxers is a slur, and should not be done. I am glad she does this, but the way people need to start the conversation with “I am not anti-vaccine” says more than people realize. What it really says is “I am not denouncing the religion of vaccines.” If vaccines were science based, instead of faith based, we would not need the proof of loyalty before the discussions begin. The benefits would also be so obvious that force and manipulating media campaigns would not be unnecessary.

For all the times the pharmaceutical companies got caught hurting people because it was more profitable, we could have responded like the gas tank scandal with: “they are greedy evil people who care more about money than not burning people to death.” We would change the “not burning people to death” to “not poisoning people to death.” No, people do not do that. They start with: “I am not anti-vaccine,” thus showing the need for an expression of loyalty first.

This is similar to the Catholic Church and their priests raping children. If people would complain about the cover up, Catholics would throw a fit and say: “Not all priests are like that” or “this is not the church raping children.” Sorry, but it was the church raping the children, the priests represent the church. Many of the children were altar-boys who the priests gained access to because the altar-boys were going to be part of the Mass.

I was attending the Catholic Church at one time. This was one of the reasons I left the Catholic Church. I do not respect an institution that will not protect children. The Catholic Church covered things up until other people arrested their wicked priests, and then lawyers sued the Catholic Church. For all you people who hate lawyers, they were protecting children more than the so called good priests. The priests that stood by and let the children be raped.

The vaccine scandal is similar, but will likely end differently. Yes, they are fighting to hide the harm, but now they are going after everyone. I refuse to be part of a vaccine religion. There is more faith than science going on in this battle. If someone questions vaccines in any way, they are attacked as a non-believer. However, people will not put up with this forever. The day may come when healthcare workers are the most hated people in the world. If you think this cannot happen, ask yourself if you positively know babies will die once they get the shot. It does not matter what you think. It only matters what actually happens. If enough babies die, healthcare workers will become more hated than the Nazis. There is already a hatred for some healthcare workers. Think of a campfire that turns into a forest fire, and then ask if you want to have that hatred coming at you. When babies die, things can get ugly.

I hope I do not have to leave Healthcare over the vaccine scandal, but I will if necessary. As with the Catholic Church, we need to clean up our own mess. If those of us in healthcare wait for others to stop all the abuses going on, then we will be just as evil as the people committing the atrocities. We know what those atrocities are. We have seen enough of them.

If we allow this to continue in the name of keeping our paychecks, we will be just as evil as the people for which we have contempt. The deaths need to stop. I would rather sweep the streets with a push-broom with a clean conscience than to stay in a healthcare system that refuses to stop hurting people.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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