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Why the Tea Party Failed

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The tea party movement failed – was co-opted by RINOs and lying progressives – because it was never founded on principles.  It was founded on slogans: “limited government,” “the Constitution,” “stop the spending,” and “abolish the fed.”  But they didn’t have a principled understanding of these concepts.  They didn’t know what the federal government was supposed to be limited to.  They didn’t know what the Constitution said.  They didn’t know the criterion for deciding what Congress should and should not be spending money on.  They never even got that far in their thinking. They were not willing to read our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and find out what they say and learn about the federal government created by our Constitution. 

What they wanted to do was chant slogans and have someone else – a leader – a savior – come along and handle everything.  The savior would figure all this out and fix the problems. 

At the beginning of the movement, Marco Rubio was the one the tea party people that Ann Coulter and Mark Levin “loved.”  Now it’s Ted Cruz.   [Both of them are ineligible to be President and are as phony as a $3.00 bill.]

I have been writing and speaking publicly for several years on the specifics of our Declaration and Constitution.  I write and speak of the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government all the time.  Yet I asked two local leaders to list 3 of the enumerated powers delegated to Congress.  One hesitated and finally said, “Make laws?”  The other hesitated and said, “Make war?”

See?  Even the leaders refuse to read our two Founding Documents.  All they want to do is chant feel-good slogans and wait for someone else – a political figure or a celebrity – to come along and take care of everything.  “Ben Carson is the one to save us!” 

But since they have no idea what our Declaration and Constitution say about anything, they are unable to see that the political figures and celebrities they place all their hopes on know as little about our Declaration and Constitution as they do.  And if they get into power, they will just go with the flow.

And because they had no idea what our two Founding Documents say, and had no understanding of our Founding Principles, they were easy fodder for the lying progressives and their dupes who sold most of them on the disastrous path of an Article V Convention.  

When people have no principles to guide them, they are easy to manipulate by those who mean to institute a tyranny over them. 

If you doubt me, just take a look at this article showing how Tea Party Express sold out to the RINOS. 

*Article by Publius Huldah

The Washington Standard

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