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Will Politicians Be Clamoring For A Northern Wall Soon? Canada Now Taking in 1 Million Immigrants Per Year

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Not many people talk about the threat coming from the Northern Border, but it needs to be a national discussion and it needs to happen soon.

The Great Replacement isn’t just happening in America.

It is happening North of the border as well.

From EuroCanadian:

Unbeknownst to many Whites, Canada’s Prime Quisling Trudeau is now in high gear in his effort to make Canada’s majority White population into a minority as soon as possible.

For many years after Confederation, immigration served the interests of Canada and its majority population first. However, since 1990, immigration has served the interests of Canada’s majority population last.

Ethnic groups now see immigration as a way to increase their numbers. Political parties see immigration as a way to increase their votes. Bankers see new immigrants as new customers to whom they can lend money. Immigration lawyers see new immigrants as a way to fatten their bank accounts. Immigration consultants see immigration as jobs for themselves. Immigration advocates who have a naive idea of social justice see immigration as a way to achieve social justice for the world’s poor.

Total Number of Foreign Nationals now entering Canada through both legal immigration programs and through illegal border crossing into Canada is around 1 million.

Here is a breakdown :

  • 340,000 Immigrants in the Economic & Family Class: The immigration lobby claims that these people are skilled workers and that Canada needs them. Here’s the problem: The “need” has never been proven. Even if it were true, the fact is that only about 20% of the 340,000 are skilled. The majority are spouses and children of skilled workers.
  • 500,000 to 700,000 International Students are now in Canada: We conservatively estimate that about 150,000 new International students enter Canada every year. Universities claim that foreign students are a financial benefit to Canada. However, no Canadian educational institution has ever conducted research to prove that contention. In contrast, a study by the U.S. Academy of Sciences shows that, in the case of Graduate Students, the U.S. public is subsidizing each one to the amount of $12,000.

Take Special Note

The ancestors of Canada’s majority population spent the last 150 years building Canada’s education infrastructure. If they could see that it was now being given away to aliens who are probably displacing Canadians for spaces in those education institutions and that a significant number of these aliens (Muslim Brotherhood members especially) bear malice towards Canada, they would roll over in their graves. For another example, note that many Chinese contemptuously refer to UBC as “the University of a Billion Chinese” to indicate their large ethnic presence there. Other ethnic groups think something similar of other Canadian universities and colleges. Many sources report that a significant number of international “students” are not even studying. Instead, they have taken jobs and look forward to taking even more advantage of university and politician treachery, stupidity and gullibility.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education. “As of December 31, 2018, there were 571,215 international students in Canada, a 16% increase over 2017.” These students are allowed to work in Canada and they compete with Canadians for jobs. They need housing, so they put more pressure on Canada’s already-stressed housing market. According to Canada’s former Immigration Minister, the total of these students in 2020 will be over 700,000. Are our politicians so busy with their boot-licking that they cannot see what is happening?

  • 150,000 Temporary Foreign Workers: According to StatsCan, in the years 2013 to 2017, Canada allowed 540,807 Temporary Foreign Workers to come to Canada to work temporarily. We assume there are about 500,000 TFW’s here now and that an inflow of close to 150,000 enters per year to maintain that number. Note this: It took Canada’s Immigration Department 816 pages to compile a list of the employers who brought TFW’s to Canada in the years 2013 to 2015. TFW employers are supposed to look first for Canadians to fill jobs, but many are cheating and seeking employees in other countries first. For details on who is importing TFW’s, see: http://immigrationwatchcanada.org/temporary-foreign-workers.pdf
  • 50,000 to 60,000 Illegal Border Crossers: According to Canada’s Border Police (Canada Border Services Agency or CBSA), about 50,000 Illegals entered Canada in each of the three years starting in 2017. That’s a total of 150,000 illegals, most of whom are now fake “refugee” claimants. Remember that this inflow started after Trudeau foolishly declared in January, 2017: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith.” According to projections, another 50,000 illegals will enter Canada in 2020. Trudeau is great at apologizing to ethnic groups. How about apologizing to Canada for the fact that he exists?
Canada’s Somali Immigration Minister Ahmed: “Nothing pleases me more than bringing brown immigrants to Canada and getting rid of racist Whites”
  • 250,000 International Mobility Workers: The International Mobility Program admitted about 70,000 guest workers to Canada in 2005. But by 2018, Canada was accepting more than 250,000 in this category, which is typically made up of younger foreigners on two-year visas. Many find jobs in the service sector. The International Mobility Program has become a second Temporary Foreign Worker Program. According to two Canadian economists, most Canadians are unaware of this program and employers are widely abusing it. These workers are suppressing wage increases and displacing Canadians. They are also adding significant pressure to Canada’s already extremely distressed housing situation. Worse still, an increasing number want to remain in Canada. According to the World Bank, Remittances sent ‘back home’ by International Mobility workers, Temporary Foreign Workers and Immigrants in Canada total $40 Billion a year. That means $40 Billion less circulating in Canada’s economy and not employing Canadian-born.
  • Probably hundreds of thousands of 10-Year Visa Recipients: At this point, we do not know how many of these 10-year visitor visas are being allotted each year. It is quite probable that the total is in the hundreds of thousands. We will guess 300,000. According to Vancouver Sun columnist Douglas Todd, in the first three years of this program, more than 3 million 10-Year Visitor Visas were granted !!. The potential abuse of this program is enormous. To Canada’s horror, the abuse has begun and could turn into a national scandal. According to recent reports, labour contractors in ethnic groups (Sikhs in particular) are using the huge pool of 10-Year Visa Recipients as cheap labour. This is a very serious issue because it is such a shameless betrayal of the trust Canada allotted to these people. This immigration category was created by former Immigration Minister Jason Kenney as a way of appeasing ethnic groups (Sikhs and Chinese especially) who demanded that they be allowed to bring parents and grandparents to Canada, supposedly to perform household duties such as babysitting. Kenney’s intent was to prevent these parents and grandparents from becoming permanent residents and thus from eventually becoming permanent burdens on Canada’s welfare and pension programs. The program allows parents and grandparents of immigrants to stay in Canada up to 10 years. Undoubtedly, these people are taking jobs that they are not entitled to. They are also depressing wages and also putting more upward pressure on Canada’s already-unaffordable housing. Is this what Canada’s MP’s had in mind when they voted unanimously to designate every April as Sikh Heritage Month? Along with repealing this piece of groveling and virtual sodomy, how about Canada’s Parliament designating April as Sikh Air India Bombing Month?


All of these near million non-Canadians have the potential to apply for legal Permanent Resident (Immigrant) status. The total of about 1 million immigrants per year is staggering.

Canada does not need these people. Continuing to allow them to enter will accelerate the destruction of Canada. This immigration idiocy has to stop.

###End of Eurocanadian Article###

There is no doubt that America is the target of many terrorists worldwide.

Why do we assume that so many of them enter through Mexico while ignoring easier options to the North?

Canada has been having its own terror problems & controversies in recent years.

I thought Trudeau was white.

I also thought he was a man, but I suppose I was wrong on both fronts.

A man protects his own family, he doesn’t betray them.

Somalis attack and he calls for an end to white supremacy?  This guy could win the Democrat nomination in America with that kind of talk.  America seriously needs to start looking at what is happening to the north, because that border may soon be a large controversy & problem as well.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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