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Wind and Solar Power – Both are a WASTE!

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Wind and Solar power are both a huge waste of money for the very small amount of power produced from them. How can this be?  After all, our president has invested and LOST some 90 billion dollars of tax payer money in the production of this so-called “green” energy?  However, if we stand back and look at the truth behind the use of wind or solar power, we will see that both of them are much more costly than just a single small natural gas or fossil fuel fired generator.  Many are going to state that the carbon dioxide footprint is not the same, but if one begins to understand that the building of the wind mills and solar panels use the very carbon dioxide producing vehicles to build them, then it is realized that very little carbon dioxide is being saved.  By the way, Australia has been using the so-called “Cap and Trade” ideology and the savings of emissions when calculated comes to .000006 percent of emissions saved, which is so very little that it really has no effect at all and is costing billions to pursue!

Now, back to the small production of energy by windmills.  Most electric generators are measured in watts and when the use of large generators is used, they are measured in megawatts, which means millions of watts. This is where our electricity comes from, the megawatts produced by any of these sources.  The huge problem is that the windmills and solar panels produce far less energy than any one fossil-fuel generator can produce.  It is here that the load factor comes into play, but first, we must look at the way the windmills and solar panels are built.  Both use electricity to be made, and the base of both are made of concrete, of which is produced by the use of fuel fired furnaces and then more energy is used to bring that concrete to site.  Then, more of that energy is used to build them on site.  Now, the same can be said for the natural gas or fossil fuel fired plant, but the difference here begins to show with space used and amount of energy produced.

Stanford and Delaware scientists both say that wind holds enough energy to exceed the world’s demand.  They go on to say that four million turbines 100 meters high, (approximately 300 to 400 feet high), could supply well over half the world’s power demand.  What these scientist do not inform the people about is the lack of efficiency that these wind mills and solar panels have. If we measure watt for watt, it becomes very clear that in the United States with the 600+ years of natural gas that the states have on hand that is known, natural gas generators do out produce any other source of power generation and with an efficiency rate nearly 70% or more higher than any wind mills or solar panels!

Let’s look at the load factor since this is where the windmills and solar panels lack any real efficiency at all compared to the load factor of natural gas or fossil fuel. You must be asking what is this load factor.  Simply put, the load factor is the fraction of the rated capacity of an energy source that can be expected to deliver over a typical period under normal operating conditions.  Already, Wind and solar are at a disadvantage since wind depends upon the movement of wind and if the wind is still, the windmills do not turn. Solar is even worse since it depends upon the sun.  So, if it is cloudy, the output is less than during a full sunny day, not to mention that they provide no power at night and have to have batteries as backup.  Having stated this, we now will get into the load factors of these devices. If we consider the load factors of these different devices, we shall see that of the varied sources, wind only has a power load factor of .24 while solar has a load factor of .18, but the load factor of Fossil fuel, whether it be from natural gas or other fuel,  is .95.  Already, we can see a huge difference of at least .71 less load factor for wind and some .77 load factor for solar power.  That is a real inefficient way to develop power since it would take a huge amount of solar panels to equal just one fossil-fuel generator. Wind is not much better at all.

One project in Texas, about 21 miles west of Corpus Christi, stated it is located entirely within Nueces County, so we already know this project will take a lot of land for use as wind power. The project size is just 300 megawatts and the amount of turbines cannot be determined since they need more than just one to develop this amount of power. This project will use some 25,000 acres just to produce 300 megawatts. They say that 25,000 acres will produce enough energy for just 80,000 homes.  Just for a comparison, just one natural gas fired plant would produce 500 megawatts and it would use less than 100 acres of land, if that much. The natural gas generator would supply some 135,000 homes for a lot cheaper cost and a lot less land usage; not to mention that Texas is a state that produces a lot of clean burning natural gas!

When it comes to solar panels, we see the huge discrepancy of these compared to just a single natural gas fired 500 megawatt generator. At noon, when the sun is at peak performance for solar panels, it can produce 1 kilowatt of radiant energy on one square meter (approximately 3 feet square).  Even at this peak of power source, the solar panel will develop a mere 18% efficiency and the rated capacity would be about 180 watts per square meter of panels.  Now here we already start with a huge disadvantage since the one panel can only produce 180 watts, given this fact, to develop just 180 kilowatts, it would take 100 solar panels, or some 100 square meters, this would be equivalent to one football field of solar panels just at the noon time for only enough energy to power just a few homes.

Now let us look at a very simple fact.  Since the sun is out for only about half the time, the load factor is already cut in half.  Now, let’s consider that not every day would be sunny so, the output would be low or not at all.  Given that along with what to do to maintain power during the night by using batteries, it becomes apparent that solar power is not efficient at all since the load factor after doing the calculations comes to a mere .18.  Explore just how much land would have to be used for just 500 megawatts from a single small Natural Gas fired generator. About 25 square yards of solar panels would give us about 1 kilowatt. To increase this would mean that some 25,000 square yards would give us just 1 megawatt. To produce 500 megawatts, we would need some 12,500,000 square yards of surface area!

It would seem to indicate that with the US having a huge amount of natural gas at the ready and some of it really unknown as to how much we really have, would it not be better to run our power generators off of natural gas, which is clean burning?  Why do we need to use wind, which is only a mere 25% of power that one natural gas generator could produce?

Even more concerning is the amount of birds killed by these windmills, numbering into the thousands and some are protected species!  We have not heard of any birds being killed by a natural gas generator.  In Altamont Pass, California, about 9,300 birds each year are killed by the wind mills, some of the species that are killed by the windmills are protected by federal laws and carry a huge fine if an individual killed them, but these wind mills kill them and no action is taken. Some of these birds are the Golden Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, and Burrowing Owl.  They are killed by the hundreds each year and the power companies that are killing them with their windmills are not fined at all! None of these windmill companies will do any type of studies because should they do them, they would find out just how many of the protected species are being killed each year by the windmills and this will injure the environment more than any natural gas generator since none of these type of birds have been killed by the single generator that should be used instead of all those windmills.

Considering these entire load factors and what the difference between these types of power are, it becomes very clear that windmills and solar power are very far behind the power derived by natural gas or fossil fuel.  Since this is so evident and conclusive, why do we, with an abundant supply of natural gas, oil and coal, even bother to consider the use of other forms of power generation that fall extremely short of cost when they match up to what we have on hand?  It is due to the previous Obama administration that these faulty sources of power generation are even considered since it unlawfully gave huge tax breaks and other incentives to these very inefficient sources of power generation while at the same, time shutting down the very sources of power generation that are the most economical!

In closing, it is very clear that the ideology of this so-called “renewables’ have not, and will not, ever been able to replace the power we can generate from far fewer and less damaging to specific bird populations energy sources!  Why should we even look at these other sources when it can be shown that they fall short of the needed output that we can obtain from our resources.  We have a great abundance of such as natural gas, coal, and oil?  Given the recent advances in drilling and ways to do this safely, our nation has enough resources with these 3 types of energy alone to use them for the next 600+ years, if not more!  Wind and solar are two of the most costly types of energy producers we have.  The cheapest and most environmental friendly is natural gas and this source alone has enough supply for well over the next 500+ years and this is from what our geologists know about, since unexplored areas may well have much more.  India discovered an unlimited amount of Natural gas just off their shore.  The area they claim to have natural gas in is some 1200 kilometers by 1400 kilometers, or close to 1200 miles by 1400 miles. This is the largest natural Gas field in the world!  The United States may have as much, if not more. The Biden Administration, with all their regulations and ways to stop exploration, is holding us from the possibility of discovering more of these fuels.  The United States does NOT need any other source for oil, natural gas or coal, and yet, we go to foreign nations which hate us to obtain what we have under our feet.  What sense is that?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Leon Puissegur

Leon Puissegur is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for 43 years. He is an award-winning author and has been writing opinion pieces over the years and in just the last few years has written 4 books and a large number of articles on many sites. You can purchase his books at Amazon.
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