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Wisconsin: Decorated Lt. Col. Exposes Cops Who Murdered His Son By Releasing Audio Evidence

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If you believe one of your children was murdered by someone, what would you do?  To what lengths would you go to prove the murderer’s guilt?  One Wisconsin father, a decorated Lt. Colonel got hold of audio evidence and discovered that it wasn’t a common street criminal that murdered his son, but it was an officer with the Kenosha Police Department.

The story comes by way of an exclusive from Jack Burns at The Free Thought Project.  Burns does mention District Attorney Michael Graveley in this one as the man who sought to deal with a prostitute who murdered her john, but to be clear, what Burns references as her being sex trafficked was simply not true and all of the evidence of that claim is pretty much non-existent.  We even pulled the previous article on the murder due to a reader pointing that out for which we are thankful.

Burns writes:

Michael Bell, Sr. will never give in on his attempt to get justice for his son’s homicide by Kenosha PD. As TFTP has consistently reported, Bell is on mission, just as he was as a pilot for the Air Force.

In brief, Michael Bell Jr. was killed by Kenosha PD Officer Alberto Gonzalez in the driveway of his home, in front of his mother, sister, and several other witnesses. What is not disputed is the fact Bell, Jr. was unarmed and a Kenosha Police Department officer shot him in the head. Cops claimed the young man was attempting to take one of the officer’s weapons.

Predictably, Kenosha PD investigated the officer-involved shooting and cleared themselves of all wrongdoing in a matter of days. But that conclusion was not good enough for Bell Sr. who told TFTP he was incensed when the officers involved were given commendations weeks after his son was killed.

The trigger-happy cop, who later attempted to intimidate Bell Sr., to his face, said he would have done it all over again the same way he did it (when he killed his son) had the circumstances remained the same. Bell recorded the tension filled face to face encounter with his son’s killer, put up billboards all across Wisconsin including in Kenosha, successfully lobbied to get the state law changed to keep police from investigating themselves, and won a multi-million dollar lawsuit which he used to keep putting pressure on Kenosha PD to reopen his son’s case.

Late last year, Bell held a press conference and claimed he had new evidence, which included discovery of a bullet indention believed to be fired from Gonzalez, proving the cops were lying about the direction with which the bullet was fired. Now, the mission-minded pilot turned justice advocate is confident he has found smoking gun evidence and is applying, yet again, additional pressure on Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley to either recuse himself, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the shooting, or directly reopen the case.

Bell paid investigators to filter out the sounds of sirens and background noise and transcribe just exactly what cops said to each other in a hot mic situation immediately following the shooting.

In a series of Facebook posts and in an exclusive conversation with TFTP, Bell claims to be getting close to the bottom of how and why his son died at the hands of Kenosha PD and killer cop Alberto Gonzalez.

Siren noise filtered away from 11/9/04 police dashcam audio. We now have recordings of the officer's conversation immediately following their shooting of 21-year-old Michael Bell.

Posted by Michael Bell on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bell passed along some of the conversation he’s already uncovered by using the Freedom of Information Act to get the audio recordings of the day his son was killed by cops.

The following is a transcript Bell provided to TFTP. He says there’s more but is hoping this is enough to put pressure on embattled District Attorney Michael Graveley who recently made international headlines for charging a sex trafficking victim with murder for killing her trafficker who she says was pimping her out and attacked her one night after allegedly giving her drugs (most likely LSD).

Graveley, who now desperately needs some good public relations stories, has resisted every effort to reopen Michael Bell, Jr’s death investigation. In just the last few months, Bell has criticized Graveley at a press conference, has located what he believes is the bullet indention from the round used to kill his son, and now has audio recordings of that fateful night all the way back in 2004. Bell told us, “It’s conversation between an officer who just arrived at the scene and was questioning the shooting:

Officer 1: What went down here? Who shot him?

Officer 2: Gonzo. Gonzo shot him.

Officer 1. I didn’t know he was here.

Officer 2: Yeah

Officer 1. What happened?

Bell promises the filtered audio will reveal the chaos among police officers present when his son was dispatched with a bullet to the head. The retired Lt. Colonel and decorated pilot/veteran believes new evidence will corroborate eye witness testimony that a fight broke out among officers with anger being on full display backing up Bell’s claim the cops killed his unarmed son in cold blood and worked very hard to cover it up.

The Air Force veteran who’s now on a new and painful mission to get justice for his son has been successful in getting state law changed to disallow police departments from taking the lead in investigating themselves when an officer-involved shooting takes place. However, so far, Bell has been unsuccessful in getting his son’s case reopened despite mounting pressure from billboard campaigns, newspaper articles, press conferences. Calls to reopen his son’s murder investigation have fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps now, with the sirens filtered out, people will be able to hear very clearly what Bell has been shouting for over a decade and a half.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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